Komplettlösung Manhunter: New York

Day One

Go to the Hospital. Take a good look at the dead dude. His name is Reno Davis. Look him up in the Info selection from MAD. Go to the Bar. Play the Video Game. The first time, some dudes will drag you away and make you chuck knives between a guy's fingers. This takes practice, but can be done. When you accomplish this, play the game again. This time, make a COMPLETE map of the maze, including the location of the little squares. If you have trouble, use graph paper. The map is important. Go to The Park where the bathrooms are. Go to the ladies room (on the left) and go to the very last toilet on the right.

Sit on it and flush it three times. Whoosh! Ok, this sewer you're in now, this is the maze from the arcade game. Every square in your map is a key card. Get EVERY Key Card before you leave the maze. Pay CLOSE attention to your map. When you get to the cave with the dock, make SURE you get the medallion from the dock. Go to Coney Island. Play Kewpie Doll Baseball. Hit the Dolls in this order.

1 - Top row, third doll.

2 - Middle Row, second doll.

3 - Bottom Row, last doll.

When the guy looks at you funny, show him the medallion. He'll give you a data card. At the end of each day, MAD will ask you for the names of your suspect(s). I have found that it doesn't make a difference what you put, but the best names to use are probably Phillipe Cook, Harvey Osborne, Anna Osborne, and Harry Jones. End of Day One.

Day Two

Go to your Tracker and track the other two dudes that were with the original guy you were tracking. One goes to the Museum and one to the Park. Go to the Wretched Excess Nightclub. Go around into the alley. This next arcade sequence is pretty self explanatory. You don't really need to save the game here because of the fact that they let you keep doing the same thing over and over again even though you keep dying. When you make it through here, though, it may be a good idea to save. Once you're in the Nightclub, take a closer look at the people. When you get to the screen where you're looking the backs of people's heads and the rock group, take a closer look at the only person that has a brown robe on, on the left half of the screen.

When you get knocked over, a keycard will fall onto the ground. Before the bouncer can grab you and throw you out, grab the keycard. You should now have a total of 13 keycards between this one and the sewer maze. Go to Central Park. You'll notice that if you point the arrow up and start moving to the left or right, the arrow will blink off and on. This means that there isn't just ONE screen above here, each time it's blinking on and off you're traveling to a different ANGLE. So instead of three possible ways to go from this screen, there are actually about 15.

FIRST SCREEN: Get the arrow to be pointing right but be as far down as you can get it. Move it up twice. It should still be facing right. Hit Enter.

SECOND SCREEN: Line the arrow up with the path straight ahead of you facing up. Move it to the left twice. Hit Enter.

THIRD SCREEN: Line the arrow up with the path facing right, just below the tree. Hit Enter.

FOURTH SCREEN: Get the arrow to line up with the path straight ahead of you facing up. Move it to the left four times. Hit Enter.

FIFTH SCREEN: Get the arrow as far to the right as you can get it and still be facing up. Move it to the left once. Hit Enter.

SIXTH SCREEN: Get the arrow to be facing left but as far up as you can get it. Hit Enter. Pick up the crowbar. You should now be back at the fifth screen you were just at. Make the arrow face down and Hit Enter. Now you're at the previous screen.

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Manhunter: New York

Manhunter: New York

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