Day Three: Komplettlösung Manhunter: New York

Make the arrow be pointing up but as far left as you can get it. Now move it twice to the right. Hit Enter. For this screen, make the arrow be pointing right but as far up as you can get it. Hit Enter. For this screen, get the arrow to be pointing up just left of the monument. Move it to the left 5 (if not 5, 6) times. Hit Enter. You should now see a dead dude. Take a close look at the papers around him, and at his face.

Go to your Mad Info. Look up Harvey Osborne. Go to Harvey Osborne's House, near the museum. Look in the shopping bag and get the key. Push the button.

This game has quite a body count, doesn't it? Take a look at the bitch, push the button again, and leave. Go back to your tracker and watch the guy that goes to the museum. Make a map of where he went. You CAN NOT mess up at the museum. You need every key card, all 13. Go to the museum. Go around to the locked glass doors and use the keys. Use your map to get through the museum, up to the fourth floor where the dude's signal stopped. When you use a keycard to open a door, you must pass through the door QUICKLY, or it will close. When you get to the big wooden door, use the crowbar. When the dragon starts to run after you, use the medallion. He'll remove the wood and you can go through. When you get to the dead dude, take a close look at the map on the wall and at the dead dude. Take the Module out of his hands. End of Day Two.

Day Three

Go to the cemetary. There's nothing you need here, but the sight of the dead orb with the spear through him is worth going. Go to the Church. Go to the set of candles ob the left. Light them in this order.

1 - Top Row, first candle.

2 - Middle Row, third candle.

3 - Bottom Row, fourth candle.

Take the Module out of the compartment. Extinguish the candles. Go to Abdul's Pawn Shop. Take a closer look at him. Buy the badges in this order.

1 - The Cross

2 - The one near it that looks like one vertical line, with a bunch of horizontal lines extending out of it to the right, the longest one being the one on the bottom.

3 - The Star

You should now fall through a trap door and land in a secret room with a painting and a door. Take a closer look at the painting. You will be prompted to enter a code. The correct code will let you pass to the next room, each one identical to the first. The codes are as follows:

1 - 4, 1

2 - 1, 0, 3, 1

3 - 2, 6, 4

4 - 4, 2, 5

You should now see a dead body (Yes, ANOTHER dead body). Take a close look at this one two. Go around the corner and you should see a dude standing on a ladder leading to a manhole. He'll jump down and try to stab you. This section is similar to the punks in the alley behind the nightclub.

When you punch him and he runs away, pick up the piece of paper he drops. It reads: 843769. Climb up the ladder. Go to the theatre in Times Square. Go to the room on the right and remove the picture on the left of the wall facing straight ahead of you. The code is (yep, you guessed it): 843769. Take out the paper. It reads: UCUCC. Go to your MAD Info. Look up Harry Jones. Go to Harry Jones's House, it's on the southern tip of Manhatten. Go over to the radio, and smash it with the crowbar. Remove the Module. Go to your MAD Info. Look up Phillipe Cook. Go to The Empire State Building. Go to the computer and turn it on. The password is (yep, you guessed it): UCUCC. Select Site Alpha, and switch the robot from Special Detail (or whatever) to Hall Patrol. Quit the computer. End of Day Three.

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Manhunter: New York

Manhunter: New York

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