Day Four: Komplettlösung Manhunter: New York

Day Four

Go to the hospital. The Robot should not be gurading the door anymore. Go through the door. Don't worry about being caught and thrown in the room with pile of bones. Use the crowbar on the window. This is what it means to be transfered to Chicago<<. Now wait until the guard, the orb, and the other robot leave the room. Take a closer look at the machine. Take Module D. The switch goes up and down, as well as the middle stopped position. Fix it so that the belt goes left, away from the People-Smasher. Climb up the ladder and you'll pass out of the room via the conveyer belt. Now, just what we all needed, another arcade sequence.

This one is a mother, but not as hard as the punks outside the nightclub (at least we didn't think so). When you get through it, you'll wind up falling out a window and landing outside the hospital. Go to Grand Central Station. Take a look at the three little windows at the lower left side of the screen. Use the crowbar. Climb through the window and enter the ship. First press the upper left button (the only button you're allowed to press at all so far). You now have access to the three square buttons on the bottom of the screen and the three other assorted buttons above it. Now press the middle square button. After the little scene with the guard robots is over, press the upper middle button with the little screen.

Now press the button just to the right of it. Now press the right square, and then the left square. Manuever the ship out through the hatch in the upper right wall. This maze is so easy I'm not going to take you through it. You got this far, you can make it through here without my help. After you come up through the bathrooms at the park, see Philippe getting into his ship, and it says, Meanwhile, back in your cockpit<<, take a closer look at the screen. You're now flying around New York. You must drop bombs on Sites Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. It doesn't matter in which order. First go to the Statue of Liberty. See the big island with the star where the Statue should be? Guess again, it ain't there.

See the two small islands to the left? Go to the lower left island. Press Enter to Drop the Bomb. Try to hit the colored square on the island. You may have to experiment. Next go up to the screen with the Hospital, The Empire State Building, and Grand Central Station. You now have to contend with Philippe. Don't let him touch you, if he does you've got a problem. Drop a bomb on the Empire State Building. If you don't remember where it is, load in a game where it's a location on your map, and take a note of where it is. Next, drop one on Grand Central Station. Finally, on Bellevue Hospital. If you mess up with even ONE bomb, let Phil kill you and start over, you need all four to hit their targets.

As I said before, this exact order isn't necessary, but I went from hardest to hit to easiest to hit, so you don't hit all the easy ones and mess up on the hard ones after all that work. You've now done all the typing and keypressing necessary. All that remains is to watch the ending sequences.

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Manhunter: New York

Manhunter: New York

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