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When you start Lord of the Rings, you are at your home at Bag End which has just been sold to your relative Lobelia Sackville-Baggins, so it is time for you to move out. Your loyal friends Sam Gamgee and Pippen Took are by your side. RECRUIT both of them, and go into Bag End. Find the chest located at the eastern end in one of the southern rooms. Use the PICKLOCK skill to get some silver pennies. Using the map located in the center of the manual, leave Bag End and head west along the path. Stop in any hole to TALK to your neighbors. In LOTR, most questions are one or two words, and when the characters talk back to you, try to pick up on the keywords they say.

You can usually pick up keywords since most are capitalized. So if the character says, I think I saw some Wolves today', try asking about Wolves' next. Follow the path until it turns south, and meet your lovely relative Lobelia. She doesn't have much to say, so just TRADE her the key to Bag End, and be on your way. Talk to Gaffer Gamgee who will be standing outside his hole. He will mention something about some missing kids. Hm, sounds like a quest! When the path intersects with a path to the east, go east and find Anson Goodbody in the house. He wants his dog back. Head back west until you hit a row of bushes. Walk a little north, use the CHARISMA skill, and the dog will follow you.

Take him back to Anson, where he will offer you a shovel for the dog. GET the shovel. Head south to the Mill. There are three humans guarding the entrance. Wait until night falls, and use the SNEAK skill. Find the device and push some buttons. The thing explodes into smithereens. I don't what good this does, but doesn't it just make you feel warm all over that you brought a halt to the industrial revolution in Middle Earth? Next stop is the Hobbiton Inn. Talking to the bartender reveals nothing new, so talk to Daisy. Her sister Taffy and Taffy's friend Freddi are missing, and she wants you to find them.

Sounds good, but you need some weapons before you head for the East Woods ruins. Go to Great Roads Goods, and buy 3 torches and 3 rations from Jolly. TRADE a torch and a ration to Sam and Pippen, and EQUIP each character with a torch - makes a good weapon.


Head off to the East Woods Ruins. Try not to go there at night since there may be more wolves to handle. If you hear a howl, you might want to head back south quick; you aren't ready for a wolf yet. Before you get to the Ruins you will hit a stone wall. Walk along the wall until you find a hole. Use the CLIMB skill and walk into the hole. Head north until you see Freddi in a spider web to the east. Walk towards the web, and before you hit it, a spider will appear. After killing the spider, Freddi will join you. Get the star key, the axe, and use the READ skill to read the scroll. Walk south and take the west path.


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Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

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