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She will give you her token in return. Go back downstairs and find Erestor in his room. Ask him about Moria' to get some information. You can also GET some skills, although I found none of them useful. Elrond's son will also offer you some skills. Go downstairs, now, and head west. When you get to the tombs, USE the signet ring you got from Hawkeye. His spirit is now at rest (If you don't do this, you will meet Hawkeye's ghost in Moria). Go back east until you get to a wine rack. Use the PERCEPTION skill and GET the wine bottle to reveal a passage north. Gimli will be standing here. I heavily recommend recruiting Gimli - he is invaluable in Moria.

My party was full at this point, however, so I DISMISSed my pony (after TRADEing his equipment to my other characters) and RECRUITed Gimli. You will also find Gloin in this cavern. Talk to him and he will tell you very useful information about Moria. Go back upstairs, head east, and GET any equipment you need from the Elf standing there. Make sure your party has one torch and one rope. You should have enough in your inventory to give everyone a sword, bow, axe, or dagger, as well as some sort of armor. Go back towards the entrance to Rivendell, go east, and you will find Bilbo sitting in one of the south bedrooms. Answer Yes' to his question about the Ring, and he will leave Sting and some mithril mail for you.

I equipped Frodo with Sting, and gave the mithril mail to Gimli (who I also put in the lead of my party). Exit Rivendell, now, and take the south path. You will come to a crossroads where the south path goes to Moria, and the east path goes across Redhorn Pass. Unfortunately, Redhorn Pass is blocked by a snowdrift at the summit (as you will find if you try to cross it), so the only other way across the Misty Mountains is to go through Moria. The south path will eventually end at the entrance to Moria. Gandalf tries to open the door but fails. Take over the situation, and use the MELLON word of power to open the gate. When you do so, however, you will be attacked by two Tentacles. After the Tentacles are dead, walk north a bit to enter Moria.


You have persevered through about half of this game so far. Now, comes the most enjoyable part of the game (in my opinion): Moria. Once you enter, the entrance caves in behind you leaving you no other way out but to go through the caverns and caves. The major quest to complete in Moria is to find Durin's Axe which is buried somewhere within the mines. With this axe, your passage to Dol Guldur will be assured. It is going to be a bit difficult for me to explain Moria in detail since you must make maps for every level in Moria, and I can't explain exactly where the stairs are, where the treasure is, etc.

What I will do is to first give a basic outline of Moria, followed by a level-by-level description, which will help you to find the important pieces of treasure, and to help you find your way out. If you were able to find Gloin in Rivendell, he told you what you will find on some levels of Moria. This information will help you to find out exactly on which level you are. There are a total of 13 levels in Moria. When you start, you are on the first Level, which is also first Deep, and there are 6 Levels above you, and 6 Deeps below you. There are two ways to go up or down in Moria: you can take stairs, or you will come to the end of a passage and be transported up or down. Unfortunately, you have no way to tell whether you are going up or down, but this is where Gimli will help you. If you come to the end of a passage, Gimli may say I feel we are ascending', or I feel we are descending'.

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