FIRST LEVEL/FIRST DEEP: Komplettlösung Lord of the Rings

Take his word for it; you have either just gone up or down a level. And except for one case, you have either gone up or down only one level. This is in contrast to the stairs in Moria, which may lead several levels up or down. I don't recommend taking the stairs right off: you may find yourself getting very lost very quick. Rather, explore the levels, avoiding the stairs for the time being. Once you have got the hang of Moria, take the stairs to get up or down quickly. Mapping is essential in Moria, but luckily, it really isn't too hard! The hardest level to map is the 1st Level/1st Deep and 6th Deep since they are the largest. Some of the levels in Moria are rather small and very easy to map.

Also, Moria is rather logical in layout, and since you have an aboveground view, it makes it that much simpler to map. Since you have already had some practice in mapping, I don't think you will have any problems. One last bit of advice before we start, if you missed Gimli in Rivendell, I strongly recommend restoring a saved game (if you have one), and getting him. Without his help and advice in Moria, you may find yourself spending twice the amount of time there. That said, let's get started!


There is not much to be found on this level. I felt like it was really just a test of your mapping abilities. There are multiple stairs up and down, along with several other passages that will lead to other levels. The most important thing about this level is that it contains the exit from Moria. If you have no interest in Moria, you can exit quickly, and get on with the game, although I don't know how far you would get without Durin's Axe. WARNING: If you choose to find the Axe, don't read the Exiting Moria' paragraph until you are ready to exit Moria: it may spoil a bit of the game for you.


This relatively small level holds nothing of interest. On it you will find the Mining Hall and several orcs to kill. During certain sections of the game, you will be told that you hear orc drums. You might as well get geared up for a fight now, because if you keep traveling in the same direction, you will more than likely run into orcs. With your party, however, you will have no problem in killing any orcs that you come across.


I found nothing of use on this level. The corridors twist and turn making mapping a bit more difficult, but other than that, there is nothing that I found.

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Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

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