FOURTH LEVEL: Komplettlösung Lord of the Rings


On this level you will find three ghost statues who are blocking a corridor that leads out of the chamber of Gabilgathol. TALK to them, and they want the subject of Balin's note. Answer khazad-dum'. They will then tell you what you need to get Durin's Axe: a Lady's Token, the Golden Wheel, a golden chisel, anvil, and hammer, and a sign of the dwarven fathers. You have the token and the wheel, you just got the word of power SIGN OF SEVEN, and you will find the other three in Moria. They also tell you some directions to follow from Buri's tomb.

Pass the ghosts, and when you find a set of tombs, use PERCEPTION to see if you are at the right set. Follow the directions now (west, south, east, south, east, north, west), and USE Durin's Pick at the end of the corridor. You will be told that with the sign of seven, Durin's Axe can be regained. Exit this side passage, and go north from the ghosts to exit this level. Note: You will be transported to the 6th Level from here, not the 5th. The only way to Level 5 is from Level 6.


This is a simple level to map. Basically, it is a large hall surrounded by a belt of passages, all of which lead into the hall. On the west side of the hall you will find two things of note. First is Oin and Ori. They want you to free them. Use the KHAZAD word of power that the bird on 4 Deep gave to you. They will tell you two helpful hints: Use Durin's Pick to break the seal in the Hall of the First Fathers', and Durin's Bane hates the Golden Wheel'. North of Oin and Ori, you will find Drisnak, and he wants a ring. If you have Smith's Ring, give it to him; otherwise, you will have to kill him. No big loss. Go to the fireplace, use PERCEPTION, and you will find a black key. When you get it, everyone in the party will be affected by a poison cloud. Time to visit the healing pools on level 6.


This is an interesting level with many things to find and do. There are three healing pools here. You can walk through one them as many times as needed until you party is completely healed. Also found on this level is the Hall of the First Fathers. Before entering the hall, turn on your PERCEPTION skill. Walk around the hall a bit until Gimli tells you that Durin's tool will show the way. USE Durin's Pick to find a secret cave. On the west side you will be confronted by the spirit that you let loose when you got the Golden Wheel. Four trolls will then attack you, and after they are dead, you are told that Durin's curse has been lifted. I suppose that if you didn't do this, you would find more trouble when you went to get Durin's Axe, I am not sure. Anyway, exit by going back the way you came, and you will be back on the 4th level. Go back to 6, this time going west of the Hall, and then head south and east to find the stairs to the 5th Level.


This is the smallest level in Moria and there is only one way out. Follow the passage until you get to the book. Use the READ skill to read it. After a few READs, you will be attacked by two orcs. Kill them, and then quickly exit east: any hesitation will result in your death. The stairs here will lead to the 3rd Level.

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