SEVEN DEEP: Komplettlösung Lord of the Rings

After a bit of walking, the south passage will lead to a large cavern. Take the first north passage from the passage you are on, and keep heading north until you are attacked by six Uruks. Kill them, and go west to the Dragon's Chamber. Here you will be notified that you will be toast if you don't leave now. Ignore the comments, and keep walking west until you are told that you have found something. GET the White Wings. Next thing to do is find the large pool in this cavern. When you are told that you see a bird in the middle of the pool, USE the White Wings, and then TRADE the White Wings to the eagle.

He will give you the THORONDOR word of power. If you head west from the main passage, you will cross a bridge where you will see a vision of the Witch King, whom you'll meet later in the game. Also in this cavern is an exit to Lorien if you have Galadriel's Key, which you don't. You may want to keep this in mind to use this entrance to reenter Moria later.


You will be in a small cave when you first enter 7 Deep which contains vast amounts of mithril. USE the shovel to get some if you want, but I found no use for it. For a laugh, save your game here, and keep digging for mithril. In this cave is a pit where you find out that Durin's Bane was let loose. Walk into the pit, and use the PERCEPTION skill to find a crawlspace. Use the CLIMB skill to get the second section of 7 Deep. After climbing, follow the only passage you can to the east, JUMP the two lava pits, and you will find a large hall to the north. On the north wall you will find another throne, but this one is guarded by a Balrog!

You have no chance if you fight him, so USE the Golden Wheel to get rid of him for now. Go to the throne, and use PERCEPTION to find a locked chest. Use the PICKLOCK skill, and GET the lady's token, the golden anvil, chisel, and hammer. Just a note here: I found that after I got these four items, I still didn't have them, so I had to go through the whole process again. I don't know if this is a bug or not; just make sure you have the four items before you leave. Going back for them is a real drag.


Now that you have the necessary items to regain Durin's Axe, go back to the third level tombs, and climb back down to Durin's Level. Go up the stairs, and you will see three doors. I found this area to be confusing, so I recommend not trying to map it; rather just walk until you get somewhere, and don't take any stairs. Take the left door, and head north until you find a pit. Walk into the pit, and use PERCEPTION to find a hole in the ceiling. CLIMB up and you will be in a small room. Walk due north. USE Durin's pick when you are told to use a tool, and a dwarf will appear asking you two questions. TALK to him, and tell him seven' first, then mahal' to answer his questions.

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