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You will be told you can pass, walk north to yet another small room, and walk straight into the north wall. You will be transported to the area where Durin's Axe is kept. Basically, this is a central area, looped by a passage. Walk along the outside passage, TRADEing to each of the ghosts you meet the item that it wants. When you have doled out the three golden items, walk to the center and use the SIGN OF SEVEN word of power. Something will fall to the floor: pick it up, and you have regained Durin's Axe!


To exit Moria, you need to find a long bridge on the far east side of the first Level. When you've crossed the bridge, Durin's Bane, the dreaded Balrog, will appear on the other side. You will be referred to many paragraphs in the book about your doom which is what will happen if you don't do the proper thing right now. Don't even think of fighting the Balrog - he will waste you. Instead, USE Gandalf's Wizard Staff. You will be treated to a fun sequence in which Gandalf destroys the Balrog. Once the Balrog is gone, you will notice that Gandalf has also disappeared. I guess he expended himself. You can now exit Moria by taking the east passage. At the end of the passage, you will be attacked by three Uruks (and you thought you were through), kill them and save your game. You have exited Moria, and are now in the forests of Lorien.


After exiting Moria, you will be standing near some ruins. Walk east a bit, and suddenly the Ringbearer and another of your party (I lost Sam Gamgee) disappear! They have been taken prisoner by the Witch King, and spirited to Dol Guldur. This sets up your final quest of the game: rescue Frodo and defeat the Witch King. But there is a lot to be done before you can do this, and the first thing is to meet with Galadriel, the Queen of Lorien. Head northeast from here until you get to a river. Find the bridge that crosses this river and keep going east. You will cross another bridge, and this time an elf, Haldir, will ask you for a password. TALK to him, and say Elrond'. He will take you to the Golden Wood, the home of Galadriel.

Walk north from Haldir, and you will see a gate to the east when you hit a row of trees. This gate is one of two entrances to Caras Galadon, a city of elves. Walk through the gate, and go west to cross a bridge. Now, walk north and follow this stream around until you are told that Galadriel's home is nearby. Walk directly west and you will see a large tree guarded by an elf. This is a flet, and this one is Galadriel's home. Walk up the ladder, and you will see Galadriel and Celeborn. Galadriel will greet you, and tell you she will help you out. She also states that if you find 5 objects for her, she will give you something. These items are: the Crown of Elanor, a scabbard, a silver horn, an elfstone, and the light of Earendil's star.

When you talk to Galadriel, she won't say much except to meet her at the mirror. You can RECRUIT Celeborn, and I recommend doing so. Exit this flet, and head south until you get to the stream. Walk south along this stream until you see the mirror (which looks like a bird bath, if you ask me). Galadriel will appear and she will tell you the fate of Frodo and his companion. Doesn't sound like he is doing too good. After a lot of information, you can pick up Galadriel's key which opens a door back into Moria. From here, there are many things you can do.

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