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You can exit Lorien, and go to Dol Guldur; you can walk around the city and talk to various elves for help; you can attempt to retrieve the five objects Galadriel spoke of; and/or you can back into Moria. The route I chose was to attempt to find the five objects. I saw no reason to go back into Moria, but if you missed something there, this is a good time to go back. If you don't feel like finding the five objects, skip to the last section: Leaving Lorien'.


The city is really quite large, and the only thing I can tell you in your attempt to find the five objects is to just wander around and talk to the elves, asking them about elfstone', crown', scabbard', earendil', and horn' for help. Enter all of the flets you come across: some you can enter, and some you can't. In some, you will receive various useful items from the elves within. Since you lost two party members, you can try to RECRUIT another elf; you should be able to find several who will join your party. The order in which I found the five objects is: elfstone, horn, scabbard, crown, starlight.

From where you are standing at the mirror, exit the city by the same gate you through which you entered, and walk south until you see Haldir again. A bit to the east of Haldir is a large mound known as the Mound of Mourning'. Walk around the outside of the mound using PERCEPTION until you find the elfstone. From the mound walk west, crossing the bridge on which you first met Haldir, until you come to the first bridge you crossed after exiting Moria. From here, you can do two things. If you talked to some of the elves in Caras Galadon, you might have learned that the reason that Redhorn Pass is blocked is because of an evil spirit, Caradhas. He is holding the bird of spring prisoner, and freeing the bird will free Redhorn Pass.

If you want to attempt this quest, skip to the next section, Redhorn Pass and Caradhas', then return here; otherwise, continue. Stay on the east side of the bridge, and go north. You will see many ruins to the west. When you can go north no more, and must go east or west, head a little bit southwest until you see some ruins. Walk around the ruins using PERCEPTION to find the silver horn. Go back northeast, and go east this time. You will walk for a while, until suddenly, you are attacked by an orc. You have stumbled across their camp, and they're a bit steamed. After the orc is dead, an Uruk will attack. After it is dead, you will face an Olog-Hai and another Uruk. After this victory, the rest of the camp will run away.

From the battle scene, walk southeast to a swamp. Walk around the outside of the swamp to the east until you see a small clearing to the south. Walk to the clearing, and you will find out that it is a sinkhole. Use the CLIMB skill and GET the Eagle Eye. I was hoping that by using the eagle eye, I would get an aboveground view, but it wasn't so. Walk south along the river, and the forest to the west will end. When it does, head west, getting as close the tree borderline as possible. When you see a little brown patch to the south, go to it and use PERCEPTION to find the scabbard. Keep walking west, and you will get to the second gate into Caras Galadon. Go back to the mirror, and from it walk west-southwest.

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