REDHORN PASS AND CARADHAS: Komplettlösung Lord of the Rings

In one of the flets here you will find a female elf who is in love with Legolas, and because of that she gives you a Crown of Elanor (don't ask me why). Go back to mirror and wait until night falls. When it does USE, a bottle or wine bottle to capture the light of Earendil's star. If you don't have a bottle, I think you might be out of luck: I couldn't find any other way to get the light. You now have the five objects of which Galadriel spoke. Now comes a part that got me a bit frustrated. Galadriel told you that when you found the five objects, you will get something in return. Well, I tried to TRADE all the objects to her, but that did no good. I DISCARDed the objects, but again, nothing happened. I also tried to USE the objects, but that didn't help.

I tried TALKing to Galadriel to see what she would say, but it was the same old thing about meeting her at the mirror. I went back to her flet, but was told by the guard that I was ready for my final quest. I finally said, enough'. I don't know how to get the object Galadriel promised. Perhaps I misread the information she gave me; maybe you will have more luck. But I did complete the game without it, so who knows what the object might have been?


At the first bridge you crossed, go north from it on the west side of the river. When the river curves off to the west, go west until you get to the Misty Mountains. Walk along the foot of the mountains until you see the entrance to Redhorn Pass. Follow the pass until you get to an impassable snowdrift. Walk about 3 paces east, and use PERCEPTION. You may have to try it in a couple different spots until you see a cave above you. Use the CLIMB skill to get into Caradhas's cave. This is a very small cave. In one of the two rooms of this cave you will see a bunch of bones, and you can GET the malachkey. The second room contains a ladder and some ice ponds.

Don't walk on the ponds since you may fall in and lose some stamina. Go up the ladder and you will find Caradhas. Surprisingly, he is not happy to see you, and attacks! When you finish off Caradhas, walk south to find a bird encased in ice. Have one of your party USE a torch to free the bird. He is very grateful, and tells you that Redhorn Pass is free. Exit this cave the way you came into it. To tell the truth, I didn't try to go west to see if the snowdrift was still there. According to the bird it shouldn't be, and you should be able to get back to Rivendell.


When you are ready to leave Lorien, take the east gate, and walk east to the river. Along the river, you will see a dock, and Galadriel will appear asking you if you are ready to go. Answer Y', and she will tell you some information about Dol Guldur, and she will give you two words of power and some lembas. The first word, OROME, will help you to capture something or someone that is hard to get. The second !MELIAN will help you to counter any deception you might find along the way. Also, Galadriel tells you that a wizard, Radagast, may help you if you can find him. You are then taken across the river to make your final assault upon Dol Guldur.

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