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Travel west on the road you are on, and you will soon come to a north-south intersection. Take the north road to Radagast's house. This is a long and twisting road, and when it ends, walk a bit more north until you see Radagast's house. Walk inside; there is nothing of interest on the first floor, so take the stairs up. On the second floor, you will find three cages. If you go near the cages and use PERCEPTION, you will find a lot of animals locked up. Use PICKLOCK to free them. I don't know what good this does, but it makes you feel good, right? (When I freed the animals, it said that the wolves on the far wall growled, but for the life of me, I couldn't find any wolves anywhere.)

Take the stairs up to the third floor. On the third floor you will see Radagast, and a bird that is locked up in a cage. If you ask Radagast about bird' he will tell you that it is a spy of Sauron. I tried to free the bird just for the heck of it, but didn't succeed. You won't get anymore out of Radagast, so RECRUIT him. If you have a full party of 10, get rid of an elf that you may have picked up in Lorien: Radagast is a good fighter with lots of stamina, and his spells may help you out along the way. Leave Radagast's house now. When you leave, you will be told that the animals in the forest run from Radagast.

I found this to be strange, and from other players of LOTR, they said that Radagast turned into a werewolf on them at one point in the game. It seems that this Radagast is a fake, and the real Radagast is hiding out somewhere. Radagast didn't turn into a werewolf on me, so if he does on you, you found a part of the game that I didn't get to play. Follow the road back to the crossroads.


Take the south path now, and soon Celeborn will tell you he's leaving. At about the same time, you will run into the vile creature Gollum. You can either USE a rope, or the !OROME word of power to capture him. He agrees to help you since in the back of his mind he wants to get his precious' back. He (or it) will tell you that you can't approach Dol Guldur via the main road, and says he will show you a secret entrance. Walk east on the road until Gollum tells you to get off. Do so immediately! Following the road any longer will result in a winged creature capturing all of you. You will enter another forest maze, but unlike the Old Forest maze that you already went through, this maze is much easier.

There is only one path through it. You will have to fight a few spiders here and there, but soon you will come to an intersection where one path goes north, and the other goes east. If you take the north path, you will find a statuary where you will be attacked by five lifelike statues. They are not too easy to kill, and after they are dead, you'll find nothing of use. And when I tried to exit, I was again attacked. So, I think this path is just a red herring. Instead, take the east path, and you will come to section where the hedges are rather small. Walk right through the hedge, and Gollum tells you to go east to a big stone. The stone is actually more north than east, but anyway, when you see a stone pillar, walk around it until you find the secret entrance to Dol Guldur.

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