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Dol Guldur is a fortress that is composed of ten levels. Inside, you will fight a lot to get to Frodo and Sam. Mapping Dol Guldur's levels isn't really necessary: each level is actually quite small. Your ultimate goal is to get to the top level where you will meet up with the Witch King. As in Moria, I will give a level by level description of Dol Guldur, in the order that I explored them. I am using level 1 as the lowest level, up to level 10 as the highest. You may want to skip some of the levels that I didn't find anything on, but of course, I may have missed something. The level descriptions are only what I found; you may find more.


When you first enter Dol Guldur, you arrive on Level 5. Here you will find two prisoners of Sauron: a dwarf who doesn't want much to do with you, and a human who will join you if you free him (which I couldn't figure out how to do). You will need to kill the Uruk and the two spiders and then use PERCEPTION to pick up the red key. This key doesn't open the cells on the level; however, it will be of use later.


Taking the stairs down you will immediately be attacked by three Olog-Hai's. They are not easy to kill, but after you have finished them, head southwest and go in the entrance. Follow the passage around (after being blinded twice) and take the stairs down.


When you enter here, you are warned that not all is at it seems. Use the MELIAN word of power to put every-thing back in its proper place. I couldn't find anything on this level; there is a staircase down in the northwest corner.


This is a maze level. Find your way to the area where you cannot cross because you are blocked by a red pit. If you try and cross the pit, your leader will turn to stone. I found no way to get across other than losing at least one character. I put one of my lesser characters in the lead, saved my game, and kept trying to cross until I lost only that one character. When you are finally able to cross, follow the path around until you see a staircase down. Walk through the wall east of the staircase (I know it sounds stupid) and you will be attacked by three sorcerers. Kill them to take the staircase down. When you come back up to this level, walk south to the evil eye that is surrounded by walls. When you walk into it you will be transported to another area on this level, but this way you won't have to recross the pit.

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