GREEN HILL COUNTRY: Komplettlösung Lord of the Rings

When you hit the chasm, use the JUMP skill to get across. When you get to the door, USE the star key, and find the ghost king inside. Again, USE the star key, answer Y' to the question, and get the Ruby and the Silver Pennies. Exit this cave, by JUMPing the chasm; you will automatically exit by walking south. You will find Taffy to the north of the Ruins; she will join you immediately. You will probably have to fight a wolf to leave the ruins, but you should be able to defeat it. Walk to the Grange in town, and go to the barn. Farmer Grubb will thank you for rescuing Freddi, and he will give you a horse in return. The horse is a so-so fighter, but he is great for carrying a lot of equipment.

In fact, you will probably keep this horse with you for the majority of your journey. Go back to Jolly, and CHOOSE Taffy. Have her buy a torch and as many rations as she can carry. When she is full, TRADE all to the horse, and have her buy more rations. When she is full again, divvy the rations between you three. USE a ration to increase your stamina if it was lowered by the spider or a wolf. Go back to Daisy and DISMISS Taffy.


Exit the Inn and follow the path to the Green Hill Country. On your map you will see two shaded areas in the Green Hill Country. First stop is the eastern area. Search the area a bit until you find a hole. Walk into the hole and go south to a spider's web. There will be a bird caught in the web. Before you can free the bird you will have to defeat a spider. Once the spider is dead, the bird tells you about some elves, and then it flies away. Exit the pit by using the CLIMB skill, and head due west. You will meet up with a human named Hawkeye. Allow him to join your party and keep going west. You will soon be confronted by an orc, but with Hawkeye in your group, the orc presents no major challenge.

After you defeat the orc, Hawkeye will take you to his cave. Once there, Hawkeye hears some Black Riders coming, and stays to fight them. Take his sword and bow, and go northwest. You will find a locked chest. Use the PICKLOCK skill to open it and take the rations, pennies, bladepart, and signet ring. Exit this cave by going east. Go back to the path you used to get into the Green Hill Country and follow it back out. You will hear some Black Riders coming, but an elf shows up to save you. He takes you back to a clearing, and says he will answer your questions. TALK to him and ask him about Elbereth. He will give a word of power, ELBERETH. Leave the elf, and head towards Farmer Maggot's (great name) farm.


When you are at the farm, go into the house, and Farmer Maggot will ask you to fetch the healer for his son. Since you are such a nice hobbit, agree to do so. Backtrack on the path you took to get to the farm, and once you have crossed the bridge, immediately go west. There is a house a bit to the north where the healer lives. Approach the healer and he will follow you. Go back to Maggot's and go into the bedroom where the healer will leave and cure the kid. In appreciation, Maggot will give you two mushrooms. Take them both. Exit the house, and go to the Buckland Ferry. There you will find Merry Brandybuck.

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