LEVEL ONE: Komplettlösung Lord of the Rings


This is the lowest level of Dol Guldur. From the stairs, walk west between the fire pits. If you have Aragorn in your party, he will think that you are trying to kill him, and he will abandon the party. Walk a bit more west and you will see a cell to the north. Before you can get there, you are attacked by a Nazgul. After he dies, you can GET another malachkey. Walk to the cell, and USE the malachkey to free Sam Gamgee. He tells you that Frodo is being held on the highest level of the tower. Time to head back up.


From level 6, you can exit Dol Guldur if you wish. There is a small box located near the southwest stairs. Use the DEVICES skill to open the drawbridge. Before you can exit, though, you must get through some orcs. You are then shot twice with some arrows which further lowers your stamina. When you exit Dol Guldur, you are informed that a Nazgul is going to finish you off, but none attacked me. If you go west from the entrance, and then north following the outside wall of Dol Guldur, you will soon see a keep off to the west. The entrance to the keep is to the south. I found nothing of interest on the first floor, take the stairs to the basement.

There you will find two Troll statues, and one of them is mumbling something about needing some power. I searched the basement for any kind of a switch or something, but I didn't find a thing to bring the Trolls to life. I also tried some spells and words of power without luck. They probably would have just attacked me, anyway. So, the keep was a dead end. Back on level 6 of the tower, in one of the rooms is a slave orc, Juithrech. If you ask about prisoner', he will tell you where they are being held, but you already knew that. I searched some of the other rooms, but after meeting six Uruks in about every one, I finally gave up and took the staircase up to level 7.


This level contains a large center section surrounded by a several smaller rooms. In the center area, you will see a red carpet that leads to a throne to the north. Before you get there, you are attacked by a sorcerer and three Uruks. After dispatching them, I searched the throne but found nothing.


We are reaching the top of Dol Guldur, which is evident since you are walking around at the top of the castle. Walk east from the stairs and kill the four orcs that attack you. You will find the entrance to the center section on the east side. When you enter, I recommend taking the southern hallway, since in the northern one you will be attacked by five humans. Taking the south hall, you will be confronted by a single human. Answer Y' to his question, and defeat him. He will tell you that he hopes you fail (big surprise there). The stairs to level 9 are to the west.

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Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

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