THE BARROW DOWNS: Komplettlösung Lord of the Rings

Going there, you will find some pennies, a bow, and Smith's Ring. In this order, get the pennies and the bow. When you pick up Smith's Ring, the tree will start to flood. Use the PERCEPTION skill to find an opening in the tree. Use the CLIMB skill to get out. Go back to the bridge and cross it to get to Tom Bombadil's house. Alongside the house is Tom's garden; use PERCEPTION to get some useful items. Inside the house you will find Tom. He asks you to let him handle the Ring. Let him do so, and you will get another word of power, BOMBADIL, which will come in handy later. I couldn't get anything out of Tom by talking to him, so head upstairs to Tom's wife, Goldberry. She tells you that she needs some lilies, and she offers you a Gold Token to find some for her.

Take the token, go to the room directly south of Goldberry's, and sleep. While sleeping, you will regain full stamina, and you will have a dream during which you will learn the ANGMAR word of power. Leave Tom's house, and to the southeast; you will find a small pool. Use the PERCEPTION skill, and you will find that all the lilies are dead. Proceed south until you hit the river, then go east. At the mouth of the river, you will find a cave. In the cave walk along the north part of the small pool, and you will find a Spider Sword. EQUIP one of your party with it, for it's a good weapon. This a small cave, and there is only one path through it. Take the path, and you will see an ice wall.

Cast Athelwyn's Countermagic spell, go to the southern part of the cave, and use PERCEPTION. Get the ice staff. Exit this small cave, and go a bit more south to find the Withywinde sitting on her throne. Ask her for lilies, and she will ask you to show her a token. USE the Gold Token Goldberry gave you, but the Withywinde needs the springstone to break some magic spell. She tells you to find the Ruddy Oak and give him an acorn. Exit this cave, and walk above the wall where you will find an oak tree. Be PERCEPTIVE, and get the red acorn. Go back to the small pool where the dead lilies were, and go west. You will see the Ruddy Oak standing amongst some trees. TALK to him, and ask about the springstone. He says you can have it.

TRADE him the red acorn, and he will join your party. If you didn't do this and tried to get the springstone, Ruddy Oak would have attacked you, and he is a formidable opponent. Go directly south to the top of a hill, USE the shovel, and get the springstone. Go back to the Withywinde (Ruddy Oak will leave your party along the way) and TRADE her the springstone. Get the lilies and take them back to Goldberry. She thanks you and says you are now better prepared for your journey.


After Tom's house we want to get the city of Bree, but the only way to do that is to go through the Barrow Downs first. The Barrow Downs is a nasty place full of Barrow Wights (humans who thirst for blood) and, perhaps worst of all, fog. Fog will fall at any time and leave you without knowing where you are going. It will lift after a period of time. In the Barrow Downs you will find Burial Pits and Circles of Stone. There are a lot of items to be found in the Barrow Downs, but none are required to finish the game. So, if you don't feel up to fighting, just head northwest as fast as you can. If you are feeling adventuresome, walk into any of the Burial Pits.

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