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In most of the pits, you will find a single tomb that contains a dead body, and the treasure that was buried with that body. But before you can get to the treasure, you will in all likelihood have to fight a Barrow Wight. These creatures are not too hard to kill, but they will take your stamina down in good sized chunks when they hit you. If you manage to defeat the Wight, you will have access to the treasure. GET all you want. Go into as many pits as you like (I think there are about 5 or 6). If you come across a pit with a sealed entrance, you won't be able to get in, so just bypass it.

Also found in the Barrow Downs are Circles of Stone. In each of these, USE your shovel at the grassy area in the center of the circle. You may or may not find some loot. While wandering in the Downs, you may come across a pit into which you'll tumble. Once you are down, the game will say you are doomed if you don't do something quick. Time to use your BOMBADIL word of power. He'll arrive and take care of the situation. Find the stairs in this pit which lead to a locked chest. Use the PICKLOCK skill, and inside you will find 4 Barrow Daggers and some silver pennies. EQUIP anyone who is carrying a dagger or a torch with a Barrow Dagger. Leave your pony equipped with a torch so you will be able to see inside the pits. That is about all there is to the Downs; on to Sharkey's Shipping.


The first building you will find once you are out of the Barrow Downs, is a barracks building with three sleeping humans in it. Turn on your SNEAK skill, and go the table located by the entrance. READ the document and write down the message. Leave the barracks and head due north to Sharkey's Shipping. Here you will find a bartender who doesn't have much to say. Walk to the stairs leading to the basement. The bartender will tell you to stop, but ignore him, and walk on down. The first thing you will encounter in the basement is a locked chest. PICKLOCK it, and get the loot. From here, you have one of three ways to go.

Take the north path, and then go east to find a sleeping Uruk. Approach the table that the Uruk is sleeping next to from the right side. If you wake the Uruk, you will have to fight him. Once next to the table, be PERCEPTIVE to find a rusty key. Go back to the chest, and this time take the south path. You will encounter three humans who want the password. TALK to one of them and tell them nan curunir'. Once past, go to the southeast to find a prisoner in jail. USE the rusty key to get him out, and he will join you party. Head due west, and you will find some stairs going down. In this small sub-basement you will find the nasty Uruk Grimrod. But wait! Your loyal friend Athelwyn is a traitor! She goes to Grimrod's side and demands you hand over the Ring.

Answer N', and you will have to fight both of them. After they are taken care of, open the locked chest using PICKLOCK, and read the note inside. Backtrack out of this area and head back to the treasure chest. This time back, however, the humans aren't so friendly, and you will have to kill all three of them. After they are dead, take the last path from the chest which leads further downstairs. Again, you will have to fight three more humans; when they are dead explore a little to the east to find Athelwyn's room and an evil book to the south. You can read the book three times to get some clues to some of the secrets you will find in Moria. If you try and read it a fourth time, you will be overcome by evil and attack your traveling companions.

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