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Leave this room and take the north path. This leads into a small cave. You need to get to the northwest part; you will know you are there when you see three exhausted Uruks. When you are near the rubble, USE the shovel. An evil spirit will be let loose, but it disappears. GET the Golden Wheel. We are done here at Sharkey's Shipping, so backtrack out, and head due north from the building until you get to the Great Road. Proceed west a bit until you get to watch another short cartoon. You have finished this section of the game. So, it's on to Bree!


Follow the Great Road west and you will cross a bridge that leads into the city of Bree. There are many things to accomplish in Bree, and it will be difficult for me to tell you exactly where the houses or holes are, so I will give the general area that they are in; you may have to enter a few to find the specific one to which I am referring. Anyway, walk west until you hit a crossroad, and take the north route. Stop into the first building you see to the east, and buy a prybar from Oakwright. Get back on the path, go north, and it will eventually wind to the east, and end at a house. Find the entrance to this house, and enter.

This turns out to be Nob Appledor's house. He thanks you for getting him home and offers you something in return. GET Durin's Pick. Exit Nob's house and go south. The path passes many houses: you can stop into any of them and talk to the owners. Some will be angry that you entered their house, but others will give you some useful information if you ask about NEWS'. This path ends at an east-west path, but keep walking south, and you will see a library to the west. Enter the library and go the northern part. Talk to the librarian a bit, then enter each cubicle, and use the READ skill. In one of the cubicles you will read a passage about Weathertop. This holds some useful information.

Does the referral to the Witch-king of Angmar ring a bell? Exit the library, go west, and enter the next building you see. There is a healer inside who will heal your wounds. Walk in and out of his bedroom a few times until your whole party is back to maximum stamina. Exit this house, again walking west until you hit a path going south. This path will diagonal off to the west. The first shoppe you get to is Willa Bloome's Charme Shoppe. She has some interesting things for sale. I bought the spiritcharme, although I don't think it did me much good. Buy it if you want to and exit this shoppe. There is one more shoppe to the west, but there isn't much to buy there that you don't already have. From the Charme Shoppe, head directly north, and you will run into the Prancing Pony Tavern.

Go into the bar room, and talk to Strider who is sitting in the northwest corner. He will tell you to meet him later in the parlor. Walk to the middle of the room, and Pippen will begin to tell some stories. Answer No' to the question, and Strider and another character will leave. Leave the bar, and go to the parlor to meet Strider. Get all the hot food you can, and RECRUIT Strider (now known as Aragorn, his real name). He is a great fighter (I put him in the lead of my party). Exit the Prancing Pony, walk south until you hit the path, and go west. When the path turns north, you will see the blacksmith to the east. Enter the shop, and buy chain mail and a shield for everyone except the pony.

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