ARCHET AND STADDLE: Komplettlösung Lord of the Rings

If you are running out of space to carry things, get rid of things like torches, (keep one equipped on your pony), the gate key, ale, the rusty key, and other things you don't need. EQUIP everyone with the chain mail, give Aragorn's cloth mail to the pony. One size fits all, I guess. The blacksmith was the last person I visited in Bree; however, there are other quests to solve in Bree that I didn't do. You can talk to Rayf Brogan and try to get some information out of him (I couldn't); there is an item called the Torc of Maladin to be found somewhere; and there is a hobbit (I can't remember his name) who will join your party if you PICKLOCK the door to his hole. If you want to do these things, go for it; otherwise, exit Bree using the east entrance.


After leaving Bree, you will come to a crossroad. The path north leads to Archet, the path south to Staddle, and the Forsaken Inn is located at the crossroads. I found nothing of use in Archet, except for a healer who will heal your wounds if you ask him HEAL'. There is also an Inn, but again, I found nothing of use there. Of more interest is the town of Staddle. The first house you will come to is that of Ann Lilypool. She is glad to see you, and if you ask her about Luthien, she will give you the word of power, LUTHIEN, and tell you it will be of use when you are under Weathertop. Also in this town is the Curio Shop, where you need to buy a Green Skull (believe me, you will need it).

The shopkeeper also has a gold ring for sale, but it sounds like just a piece of jewelry to me. That's about it for Staddle; next stop is the Forsaken Inn.


The owner of the Forsaken Inn is a dwarf named Orin. He has a few interesting things to say about Moria if you ask him the right keywords. Go to the southwest bedroom and walk to the foot of the bed. There is a set of secret stairs that lead to the cellar. The cellar will be the first true test of your mapping abilities. It is not too large, but it will give you a good idea of what you are going to see in Moria. You are on your own when it comes to mapping the cellar and the mines of Moria, but once you get the hang of it, it really isn't that bad. The way that I am going to help you when you are here or in Moria is to tell you about the key places within the cellar or the mines, and when or if you get there, you can refer to the walkthru for help as to what to do.

In the cellar, you will find many dead ends, two cairns (burial places), one set of stairs leading down to a room, and some spiders to kill. The first thing to find is the stairs. They lead to a small room where a ghost is standing next to a table with 3 green skulls on it, and a place for a fourth. USE the green skull you bought in the Curio Shop, and the ghost will tell you some directions to follow from Buri's cairn. Next, find Buri's cairn which is located in the southern area of the cellar. You will know when you have found it because the game will tell you. Follow the directions given to you by the ghost, which are: west, south, east, south, east, north, and west. You will hit a dead end. USE your shovel, and pick up Galadriel's Token. That's it for the cellar: exit and leave the Forsaken Inn.

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