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After the Inn, head back to the Great Road, and when it diagonals off to the northwest, go due north through some grasslands and some swampy area. You will run across a stone wall, and after that, some ruins. At the north end of the ruins, you will be referred to a paragraph in the manual, saying that Gandalf was here. Use the PERCEPTION skill to find some holes leading down. Use the CLIMB skill, and go to the south wall where you will all be given the LUTHIEN word of power again, and a hint about where to use it. Use the rope to get out of this cave. When you exit this cave, if it is nighttime, you may be confronted with two or more Black Riders.

If you do, you're dead meat (unless you are lucky). You can't flee the Black Riders (you have to fight them) and they are the toughest foes you will come across in the game. I suggest you save your game while you are in the cave, just in case. If you don't get attacked or you manage to kill the Black Riders, proceed north until you hit a small stream. Follow the stream to its source at the east, and use the CLIMB skill here to get to the caves under Weathertop. Follow the underground stream a bit until you get to a bridge guarded by two trolls. Trolls take a lot of hits to kill, but they are slow and you should get at least two hits on them for every hit they can get on you. After the trolls are defeated, enter the cave.

This is also a good place to tune your mapping skills for Moria. There is only one item of use that I found in the cave. Go south in the cave, until you get to a pool where the stream comes from. Go south around the pool. You will enter a cave and will be attacked by 6 orcs. Kill the orcs, and take the east path until you hit another larger cave. Go on the north path which winds its way back to the other side of the stream. Cross a bridge, and you will come to a raft. Use the BOAT skill to cross the pond, and at the end of the cavern use the CLIMB skill. At the web, you will be attacked by five spiders. Kill the spiders, use the PICKLOCK skill on the chest, and get the Broken Wing. This is all I could find in this cave. Backtrack out of the cave, and head south to get back to the Great Road.


Head east on the Great Road until you come to the Last Bridge. If you talked to some of the folk in Bree, you learned that there is a passage under the bridge into the Troll Shaws caves. If you'd like, you can use this passage, but I didn't; instead, I explored the Troll Shaws before going underground. If you take this passage, you will still end up in the same place that I will be talking about later, so don't worry. Cross the bridge, pick up the beryl on the bridge, and walk on the Great Road until you get to a smaller path going north. Take this path, and walk until you see some ruins to the east. Go to the center of the ruins and USE the shovel.

You have found the Troll Slayer, which is a great weapon. EQUIP Aragorn with it. From the ruins, walk north until you see three troll statues. From there walk west, crossing one stone wall, until you get to a second stone wall. Walk a little north along this wall until you see an opening into it. USE your prybar to get into this small cave. Use the PERCEPTION skill to get a hint for later in the game. Exit this cave, walk west, bypassing some ruins, until you get to a larger stone wall. Walk west along this wall until you get to another opening in the rock. Use the CLIMB skill to enter the main caves. The main caves under the Troll Shaws are where you meet a few trolls, and get two words of power.

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