RIVENDELL: Komplettlösung Lord of the Rings

When you first enter, you will need to walk a bit along the cave path until you are attacked by two trolls. Kill the trolls, and walk west to the pool. Walk around the pool to the north, and enter a small cave where you will get the BEREN word of power. To the east of the pool, enter this cave, where again, you will be given the LUTHIEN word of power. The paths leading south from the pool lead to the passage under the Last Bridge, but I wouldn't take that path out since you'll probably meet up with some Black Riders. Instead, backtrack out of this cave, and go east to the small path to get back to the Great Road. Continue your trek eastward. You will soon meet up with Glorfindel who will give Frodo his horse to escape the Black Riders.

Once Frodo is across the ford, use either the ELBERETH or LUTHIEN word of power to get rid of the Black Riders once and for all. You will notice that their cloaks are along the river banks, but ignore them for now; you will come back to get them. Glorfindel has joined your party: let's go to Rivendell!


Enter this large house (castle) and find Elrond who is in the conference room. He tells you to go get Gandalf so the Great Council can begin. Exit Rivendell, and immediately go east until you hit the Misty Mountains. Go a little north and Gandalf will be hanging out by a rock (God knows what he is doing there). He will disappear (must be nice to be a wizard). Go back to Elrond, and the Great Council will begin. A lot will be said during the Great Council, most of it refers to paragraphs in the manual. Finally, you are asked if you want to destroy the Ring. Answer Yes', of course! Elrond will then say he needs proof that the Black Riders are gone.

It's time to go back to the river to get the cloaks. But first, exit Rivendell, and immediately go west until you run into the blacksmith's hut. Go in, TRADE him the bladepart and the Broken Wing, and he will reforge the sword, Anduril. EQUIP Aragorn with it. TRADE the Trollslayer to Glorfindel, and EQUIP him with it. Go back to Rivendell, go south across the bridge and then west along the river until you see Legolas. RECRUIT him, and go back to the main river where you crossed the ford. Frodo should be in the lead of your group. Use his PERCEPTION skill and walk south along the river. It is important that you walk on the river bank and not the path next to the river! You will never find the cloaks if you do.

You will find 4 cloaks on the east side of the river. One is protected by a band of wargs, but with your powerful party, they are no match. Go back to the ford, cross it, and walk south on the west bank of the river until you find the other 4 cloaks. Go back to Elrond, and he will give you the MELLON word of power, and some sort of potion to keep you warm. GET the potion and some athelas. DISCARD all 8 cloaks; you don't need them anymore. There are a few more things to do in Rivendell before you leave. North of the conference room is Hawkeye's betrothed. Answer Yes' to her question, and she will tell you to put a ring on his tomb. Exit this room and go upstairs. Go north, and TRADE Arwen the beryl that you found on Last Bridge.

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Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

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