Komplettlösung Knights of Xentar

Tymm's Lair

Talk to Tymm. Desmond will show him the magic mirror and he will disappear. Just before leaving you'll see some stairs - go in and save Marie. Then proceed to the Nudist Colony, which is southeast.


Nudist Colony

There's really nothing much here, but there are some sovereigns stashed away in some of the pots. There is also an old man hidden beneath a lot of staircases who tells you his daughter's ages. If you find them and guess their ages correctly they will show you what they look like. After the Nudist Colony proceed north to Phoenix.



In the southwest corner of town is Kate. Talk to her. After that, find Rolf in the houses and talk to him. He'll agree to join you but he has to pack. In the meantime, pick up the various bonuses around town and visit the shops. You can also visit the Desmond Tower in the northeast section of town, and get the Desmond Action Figure at the top. Then go get Rolf; equip yourself with weapons and armor, leave town, and go north. You'll find a boulder blocking your path - Rolf will lift it. Keep going north to Squalor Hollow.


Squalor Hollow

Larousse tells you that a black mist has swallowed the town. He will give you a magical twig. Proceed to Carnage Corners, southeast of Phoenix.


Carnage Corners

Carnage Corners is just east of a bridge. It is a town with an arena. If you're looking for action you can go to the House of Horrors in the northeast section of town. Buy new weapons and armor here, and most importantly, buy an entry card for the competition. Before you leave, talk to the old man in the house beside the mayor's. He'll mention a picture. Leave town and go north.


Carnage Corners Cemetary

The competition is north of Carnage Corners. Show the attendant your entry card and he'll let you in. Once you're in the cemetary, go all the way west. You must find a chest on the westernmost section of the cemetary, which contains a picture. Once you have the picture, hack your way through the dungeon. At the end of the dungeon, you'll be transported out because of a magical barrier. Go back to Carnage Corners.


Carnage Corners

Upon entry you should bump into a man who says he's off to Arcadia, the village of women, to solicit the aid of Luna. Don't worry about him.

Go directly to the old man's house beside the mayor's and talk to him. He should give you the transsexual nuts. If he doesn't, attempt to cross the magical barrier east of Carnage Corners (the one blocking entrance to Arcadia) and try again.



Once you have the transsexual nuts you should be able to cross the barrier and enter Arcadia. While there you can check out the woman at the weapons shop. Be sure to visit Aquaria in the tower - the entrance is in the southwest part of town. Then proceed to the buliding on the east part of town and talk to Luna. She will join your party. After this, proceed back to Carnage Corners, or use Luna's Warp magic.


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Knights of Xentar

Knights of Xentar
  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 16.03.2006

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