Komplettlösung Knights of Xentar

Carnage Corners

Head over to the competition registry. You'll have to pay an extra 500 sovereigns to enter Luna in the competition. Then go north to the cemetary.


Carnage Corners Cemetary

Hack your way to the bottom floor of the dungeon again. This time, you won't get transported out; you end up fighting the bosses of the cemetary. After you kill them, the people of Squalor Hollow are rescued. You should have the key to the Castle of Kalist. Go back to Carnage Corners.


Carnage Corners

Go to the mayor's house. You should get your reward and you'll talk to the mayor's daughter. Then go to Arcadia.



Go see the princess in the northeastern part of town. She'll give you the Virgin Medal. Now, go to Mellions, which is northeast of Arcadia.



Mellions is very expensive, but you should but their weapons and armor if you can. Talk to everyone, and in particular, talk to the jar makers. They will give you hints to the correct order in the Castle of Kalist staircase trap. The actual solution is on the back of the sign outside of Mellions. After you are finished, proceed to the Castle of Kalist.


Castle of Kalist

The Castle of Kalist is southeast of Mellions and northeast of Arcadia. Enter, and hack your way to the area where you can clearly see nine staircases in a three-by-three pattern. Take the upper right staircase, then the bottom left, and then the bottom center. Luna will have disappeared. Don't worry - keep going. Eventually you'll find two chests with what appears to be the Falcon Sword and your armor, but these are fakes. You will find what appears to be Luna, but is actually the demoness Haggis. Once you kill her, Luna will come back. You'll get a snow gem. Use it immediately to gain Blizzard magic. Proceed to the uppermost floor and get the Demonic Key from the locked room. Following that, go to the southeastern part of the upper floor, and walk into the skull on one side of a rectangular structure. You'll then be transported out of the castle.



Buy new weapons and talk to the village people. Take note that there is a lower level to the village which is inaccessible at this time. Then leave the village and find the Feline Farms.


Feline Farms - The Village of Cats

The cats in the village will complain that the dogs living in the cave to the north have stolen their food, the tuna liver lumps . When you're done talking to the people in the village, go north to the dog cave.


The Dog Cave

This is the one dungeon in the game with secret passages. You MUST find the secret passages, or you will not be able to progress through the dungeon.

On the first floor, the secret passage is in the southeastern corner, just before the stairs. On the lower floor, the long hallway is blocked - you also need to find the secret passage. It should be on the right: just before the hallway starts. The Dog Boss is located just after a maze of blackness. Kill him, and take the tuna liver lumps. Go back to the Feline Farms.


Feline Farms

Talk to Parrtesia, who seems to be the leader. She will express her gratitude and give you information about the whereabouts of your Falcon Sword and Genji Armor. She mentions the Lake of Fairies, Tristram, and the key required for entry.


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Knights of Xentar

Knights of Xentar
  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 16.03.2006

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