Komplettlösung Knights of Xentar

Lake of Fairies

The Lake of Fairies is relatively small, hidden away in a forest to the northwest of Moronvia. Your first visit yields little fruit - you simply talk to the Fairies, but they will not trust you with the key to the Temple of Xentar.



Immediately proceed to the attendant who guards the staircase to the lower levels of this village. Desmond will give him the tuna liver lumps, and he will begin to feel sleepy. You have to leave the town and come back in order for him to fall completely asleep. Then descend to the lower level. The Chief of Moronvia refuses to give you the pearl on the pretense that it will be reserved for the god that marries his daughter. You can talk to more people and then depart for Tristram.



Tristram is located in the snowy region northwest of the Lake of Fairies. At this point in the game, you should be alerted by a citizen that something is wrong. If everything seems fine, you might have missed something. Check to see. When you ARE alerted, the characters will deduce that something has happened at the Lake of Fairies. Either warp or walk there.


Lake of Fairies

Demons seem to have broken in and raped the fairies, stealing the key to the Temple of Xentar in the process. You should proceed to Moronvia immediately after questioning the fairies.



The town will be deserted except for one man guarding the staircase on the village's lower level. Talk to him, and he will lead you to the Chief's daughter. Eventually after conversation the party acquires the Pearl of Sorrow, necessary for entrance into the Temple of Xentar. When you have the Pearl of Sorrow go to the Temple of Xentar immediately. It is also in the snowy region, east of Tristram.


Temple of Xentar

You will find that the temple has already been broken into, presumably by the demons. You will also meet Arstein, the Dark Knight, at the entrance.

He is wounded but leaves shortly after you talk to him. The Temple is unfortunately large and difficult to map out in this textfile. Simply proceed through the doors and floors until you find your Falcon Sword and Genji Armor. Then, on the top floor, you should find a door with a pattern of a girl on it. Your party should insert the Pearl of Sorrow and the door will open.


Realm of Light

After passing this door, you will cross over to the Realm of Light, which is, though he doesn't realize it, Desmond's home. Talk to the Goddess, and she will fill you in with a very long story. At the end of the story you are transported to a battle site.


The Final Showdown

You lose the help of Rolf and Luna here, because it is a fight solely for Desmond. You'll meet Arstein first, and kill him. Then comes along his father, who fights with your mother, and then you. The final boss, Deimos, is very difficult - I had a hacked level 99 character with infinite HP and it still took a long time to kill him. For those who are playing without help I would definitely suggest many High Potions.


End of Game

When you beat Deimos and exit the battle field, Rolf and Luna will congratulate you. You will then have the freedom to roam the entire land and hear them praise you loudly. To finish, go to Arcadia and talk to the Princess. Then talk to Aquaria. Then talk to the Princess again. Enjoy the end of game sequence.


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Knights of Xentar

Knights of Xentar
  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 16.03.2006

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