Komplettlösung Knights of Xentar


Squalor Hollow: Mona being raped

Priscilla's Place: Priscilla being raped

Priscilla's Place: Priscilla, after Visal is dead

Clara's Place: Clara being raped by wolf

Clara's Place: Clara after Wolf is dead

Tymm's Lair: Marie, after Tymm is dead

Nudist Colony: The three girls, after guessing their ages

Phoenix: Kate, the married woman

Carnage Corners: The House of Horrors

Carnage Corners Cemetary: The picture in the chest

Arcadia: Helen, the weapons dealer

Arcadia: The illusionist in the tower

Carnage Corners Cemetary: Mona, after defeating the demons in the cemetary

Carnage Corners: The mayor's daughter, after winning the competition

Arcadia: The Princess Diana, before entering Castle of Kalist

Castle of Kalist: Haggis, the demoness

Feline Farms: Parrrtesia, after tuna liver lumps are returned

Lake of Fairies: Close-ups of all fairies

Moronvia: Alice, in order to get Pearl of Sorrow

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Knights of Xentar

Knights of Xentar
  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 16.03.2006

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