Komplettlösung KGB

Chapter 1

Wait in office for call from Volvov. Go through office door into hall. Enter 2nd door from left. Get assignment from Volvov. Leave hall by going through rightmost door. Go to Golitsin's office. Show ID to guard. Tell guard to notify you if anyone comes. Find matches and match box in desk. Find batteries in transistor radio on table. Inspect file drawer - locked. Ask guard for key to drawer. Open drawer with key. Get article and cassette player. Read article and drop it. Put batteries in cassette player. Look out window and notice a man looking at you. Wait until guard notifies you of Golitsin's sister's arrival.

Question her. Tell her to sit and be nice to her. Tell her to leave and she will give a tape to you. Put tape in cassette player. Give key back to guard. Go back to Department P. Tell Volvov that orders were obeyed; that you interviewed Golitsin's sister. Give cassette to Volvov. It seemed advisable to listen to cassette. Codename is Hollywood. Go to your office and wait. Get assignment from Galushkin to investigate Hollywood at the Enthusiastic Progress Club (EPC). Go to Uncle Vanya's. Go to your bedroom. Get clothes from closet. Wear clothes. Get money from drawer. Go to Kursk Street. Enter bar and speak with bartender and Romeo but do not discuss Hollywood or buyer 2. Find out that bar closes at 10:30pm.

Get beer glasses from the bar (for what?). Leave bar. Go around the corner to the left. Enter the back room of the bar; go upstairs. Light a match and get a clipboard from the cabinet. Go downstairs. Go through door near stairs. Go 4 lefts to apartment door. Enter apartments and speak with ladies in Apartment 7. Opinion poll about opposite sex. Go in apartment 7. Not really a poll. Investigating murders. Need their help. Ask about neighbours. Talk to both women, be sure to get them to tell about Belussov in Lefortovo. Go to apartment 5 and speak with Belussov about Lefortovo. He tells about Ryumin in apartment 4 spending 5 years on Wrangel Island. Go to apartment 4 and speak with Ryumin about Wrangel Island.

He tells about Systenko in apartment 6 and his meat market. After leaving apartment 4, hear two thugs discussing thei mugging strategy as they walk up the stairs to the EPC. Go upstairs and drop the clipboard in the hall and enter the EPC. Pay $30.00 to stay. Speak with the people there and buy a video tape for $5.00. Go into the bathroom and find $200.00 cash in the trash; put it back. Leave bathroom and then enter the bathroom again to find cocaine in the trash. Flush coke and pee. Speak with thugs standing by the right wall in EPC. They invite you to party with them and do so. Fight Lyonka outside and kill him. Search him and find a lock pick tool. Move his body to the trash can in the next right screen.

Go to the door next to the meat market and open it using the lock pick tools. Go through the door to the meat market. Light a match and look at the counter. Move the switch to turn ON the diode. Enter the freezer, see the bodies and throw up. Come out, light another match, and turn the diode OFF.


For extra:

Go to the bar and wait until 10:30; get kicked out and go around the corner and enter the bar from the back. The bartender confronts me and I kill him. Search him and find a key (to bar back door).


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