Komplettlösung KGB

Put microphone on bench, set listening device to record. Wait till surly man arrives at 2:55pm. Wait till Romeo appears at 3:05pm. Wait till both men leave. Take microphone. Go to right, go to metro station. Watch surly man meet Chapkin. Follow surly man (Romeo's contact) to warehouse. Use camera to watch him enter key pad code (14C9A). Enter bar, go through door on left. Go upstairs. Unlock roof window. Go downstairs. Go through door on left into bathroom. Unlock window. Go out window. Go through side street between buildings to front of warehouse. Unlock keypad (14C9A). Enter warehouse. Take suitcase from desk. Open suitcase and see video tapes. Put tapes back in suitcase. Put suitcase on desk.

Go through door into next room. Go through door on left into office. Put microphone on desk. Leave office and hide behind boxes. Put recorder on boxes. Wait until guys come and enter office. Wait till door bell rings and 3rd guy goes into office. Wait till 3rd guy comes out of office and leaves - he is Obukov. Climb ladder. Unlock roof window, exit through window. Go into window on next roof. Go downstairs and then into bathroom. Exit through window and then between buildings to front of warehouse. See Obukov enter subway. Enter subway and follow Obukov to Hotel Syevyernaya Zvyezda. Enter hotel and watch Obukov enter cocktail bar. Enter bar and wait. Watch Agabekov meet Obukov. Wait till they leave. Go to lobby and watch Agabekov and Obukov.

Wait till both leave. Exit hotel. Go to warehouse before 6:30pm. Go to back of warehouse via right side of screen. Enter bathroom window. Go through bathroom door. Go upstairs, through roof window, down roof window, down ladder, and hide behind boxes again. Wait until Savchenko makes call to say day after tomorrow morning is OK. Take listening device. Leave warehouse at 7:02pm. Listen to all tape recordings. Go back to your hotel. Go to left (hotel alley). Show cut-throat your ID. Tell about Agabekov's cigar. Mechilaiev and Savchenko are handling the tapes. Yakuchev is contact. Transport is Viktor Matsnev, will exchange tapes for drugs. Mr. X is Agabekov Ask questions about NEW BIRTH and Matsnev. Go to front of your hotel.

Go in hotel. Go upstairs. Go to room across the hall from your room. Wait for Savinkov. Search killer, take hat and coat and photo. Use phone, call number on killer's hand. Answer 'yes', 'come up', 'come up'. Move body to bathroom. Wear hat and coat. Go to bedroom. Turn off light. Wait for knock and say come in. Explain everything to Savinkov. Ask Savinkov questions. Listen to killer.


Dispose of body:

Put hat and coat on body. Move body to room across hall. Turn on light and look at bed. Take bottle and use on body. Look out window and see cigarette glow below. Go outside hotel. Go to alley on left.

Give bottle to bums. Go to hotel lobby. Tell receptionist about noise. Look at desk and take wheelchair. Go to alley and drop wheelchair. Go to hotel room across hall from yours. Move body out window. Go to alley. Take wheelchair. Use wheelchair on body. Move body to canal street (to left). Move body into canal. Get back to room (within 1 hour). Wait for Savinkov, get instructions. Go to Hotel S. Z. Go into lobby. Go into bar. Talk to prostitute on right of screen (Natasha). Ask about room 304. Another prostitute arrives (Tamara). Talk to Tamara. Ask what room she uses.

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