Chapter 3: Komplettlösung KGB

Talk to Carla Wallace (American lady in booth on right of screen). Get info and $150.00 from her. Go to bar. Talk to Tamara. Pay $50.00 and go to room 304. Ask Tamara about other room she uses and pay $50.00 for info (Room 416). Go to 4th floor. Tell House lady room 416; pay her $10.00. Look at mirror (2-way). Look at table; take ashtray. Use ashtray on mirror. Go through mirror to room 418. Look at table; take photo of Chapkin and Kusnetsov. Go to 1st floor. Go to bar. Talk to Greenburg (man in booth on middle left of screen). Tell that Savinkov is controller. Tell that you went to Hammer and Sickle Street today. Never hear of Protopopov. Get more info and maybe money too. Return to your room in Hotel G. Stop recorder.

Set recorder to Voice-Activated. Remove headphones from recorder. Use bed and sleep. Go to bathroom when Chapkin wakes you up. Say that you are ready to TALK to him. When recorder starts to distract him, attack him. Look at body; take gun and syringe. Use syringe on him and ask questions. Wait for Savinkov and tell all. Give gun to Savinkov. Sleep until 10:15am. Go to hotel alley and wait for bum to appear. Talk to bum and ask for his paper. Give new camera to bum for newspaper. Look at newspaper. Go to front of Hotel G and wait until phone rings. Answer phone, identify yourself, and talk to cut-throat. Say that you don't know about NEW BIRTH. Say that Matsnev is a boat. Go to Ladoga Park before noon. Wait for Greenburg. Talk to Greenburg. Say that you don't know about Protopopov. Go to dock.

Chapter 3

Dive into water. Go up onto boat. Hide behind fish boxes in front part of boat. After mechanic leaves, go down hatch to radio room. Go through door on left to rest room. Look at drawer under the bed; take all that stuff (bottle and belt). Go to radio room. Go up to deck before Savinkov arrives. Throw bottle into water on left side of ship. When mechanic jumps overboard, go to rear of ship. Go down hatch to engine room. Hide in closet. Wait until engine wakes you up. Look at engine. Use belt on engine. Hide in closet. Wait until midnight. When mechanic goes up to deck, go up to deck. Watch transaction at front of ship; casket and 2 suitcases are loaded.

After everyone goes below deck; go to front of ship. Go down hatch into radio room. Look at box and suitcases (be sure to leave them there). Listen at door of rest room. Go up on deck before Savinkov enters radio room. Hide behind fish boxes on front of ship. Wait until 5:00am. Watch meeting with another ship. Wait until dawn; go to rear of ship and hide behind fish boxes. Wait and then go into water when you get near the dock.

Chapter 4

Go to Dept 7. Wait outside until 9:15am and watch as Agabekov leaves in a car. Go; hail taxi and follow Agabekov. Go into building on Progress of Mankind Street. Tell guards that you are KGB. Show ID. Talk to Litvinov; routine questioning, just the facts. Ask about what was to be done to Protopopov; no time for dithering. Leave Litvinov's office. Go through farthest room (3) on right wall. Go through door on right. Wait in green room and answer anything until the professor lets you out. Go through door on right. Question Professor; ask about work, say that Agabekov is not my colleague. When professor leaves the room, press the button on the table to trap him in the green room.

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