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Hi dudes! If this game hadn't so many bugs and dead-ends, it would have been on of the best in the history of computer adventure games. Nevertheless it's worth having a look, and if you love adult s-f, you'll gonna find yourself in the gaming paradise. The solution isn't lame step-by-step, so play on your own, and just when you get totally stuck, look here. Playing the game remember to look at everything and talk to everybody! This triggers the events!


Read the note and exit. Find two sheets in various rooms and tie them together. Find the gun (under the pillow). Get the fork and the knife from the kitchen. Scare the rats with the knife and take the bread (you may eat it). Use the fork on the engine. Push the lever near the cages and get the bloody key (heh heh, neither this nor the bread are necessary, but hey, what the heck). Get the milk. Go upstairs, use the knife to get outside the baloon and tie the rope to the ring. Use the rope to get your heart. Cut the rope with the knife. Cut three airbags to land near the bar. Get down through the hatchet.

Enter the bar, visit every place, find the shovel near the trashcans. Get the whiskey and talk to Harry. When he gives you the hint about something in the toilet, go there. Take the magnifying glass from the urinal and get back to the Zeppelin. Check the debris in the room with poison. Hmmm. So that pig Harry was the murderer. Clean up your hands using the table cloth. Talk to Harry again and you'll get to know he only finished what Edna started. Kill the motherfucker with the knife. Talk to jackal and give him your heart. Piss three times to teleport to the freezer. Talk to Edna, promise her to help her, then talk until she drops a key.

Stop talking to the bitch and get the key. Tie Edna. Get back to jackal and offer him Harry's heart. Get back to the ship and put Edna in what looks like the electric torture machine. Wow! Enter the locked room using Edna's key and read the log book. Get back to your girl and give her the milk. Bury her near the trashcans (use the shovel). Go back to Zeppelin and push the switch upstairs. Go to the navigation room and start up the machine. Get out and shoot Edna with the gun.


Enter the pyramide and try to swallow the water. Go right and check all the monitors. Fix the wires. Push the switch on the monitor which displays the fountain, you'll see the secret passage. Get back and push the electronic bricks to reveal the passage. Use it to go down. Go right. Get the yellow scarf and the forceps. Go right. Use the forceps to pull out the gem (you have to use the scarf first). Put the gem into the left server (go right). Get back to the room with the monitors and use the scarf - you'll be able to pass the Holy Grail animal guard. Fill the cup with water and drink it up. Do it again. And again.

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I have no Mouth

I have no Mouth
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