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Use the filled cup on the console god-guard and use the forceps to pull out the ROM chip. You can reprogramm the chip in the left server. Put the chip back into the guard and ask him for the access code. Use the filled Grail again and enter the code. The sarcophagus opens. Use the sarcophagus then use the keyboard. Get through all the dates. When you face your past, fight! Examine the AM room (find the wires). Exit the place and launch the right server. Enter the date of the rape. Learn about the new top-secret translator. Go the the fountain and take the speaker. Use it on AM's wires. Talk to the computer image and get back. From the place where the gem was you may take the CD-ROM now. Put the disk in the middle server and see the pyramide closing. Ask Anubis for help and enter the sarcophagus. Your adventure ends there.


Go take the fruit. Give it to the child. Get the fruit again and give it to the mother, she'll pulverise it for you. Go to sleep. Go watch the mother being sacrificed, get back and pull the twine to get another fruit. Visit the elder then visit him again (he should be left). Steal the bag and show it to the boy. Tell him to hide and promise him you'll prepare the friend for him. Go talk to the graves, say you're sorry and show the bag. Hide it. Pull the wines to reveal the last grave, talk to it, then plant a fruit. Take the wire from the wines in the cave with the cradle. Take the junk from around the altar. Get another fruit and try to give it to the food guard. Get the wood and put the fruit in one of the baskets. Give all three objects to the boy. Go to bed. When you wake up go to the altar. Offer yourself in the boy's place. There you go.


Talk to everyone. Get inside the building and talk to everyone again. Check out the 1945 poster. Get the scalpel. Go to the recovery room and reveal the secret passage in the ven. Get the watch and that dentist's tool. Read the records and open the oven. Exit and give all you can to the prisoner (talk to him). Enter the building again and take the ether. Use it on the patient. Get the jar. Exit the building the secret way. Talk to the prisoners and leave the place. Read the message on the teletype. Enter the room with Golem and push the switch. You are able to find the mirror now. Examine it. Use the wall with screaming faces to finish your mission.


Enter the Dark Room. Push the monitor with the castle. BTW, this time your psych prifle gives you the real hints, not metaphors. Go to the room with bed and book. Read the diary. Go talk to Ellen. Find a piece of glass and the icon. Use the icon on the broken door then push the armour to block the entrance. Talk to the maid, sleep with her, then talk to her as long as she promises you something. Fix the oven and talk to the girl again. Exit the kitchen and listen to the shadows talking. Push one of the candles to reveal the secret passage, enter it and talk to the witch. Go to the room with occult books and read all them, especially the one with the speel.

Learn it, get back to the witch and put a spell on her. Pick up the chalk and finish the circle. Ask the demon to open the door to the locked maid's room (you can give him some of your blood, on the broken glass). Talk to Ellen again, you should meet the devil there. Go to the opened room and look at the tapestry. Go back to the devil and talk to him again, he'll admit he took the mirror and give you a hint. Go to the library and read Dante's Divine Comedy to find the mirror. Give it to Ellen. Show the mirror to the devil and he'll jump into it. Break the mirror in the demon circle and ask the big mutha to open the passage to the surface world.

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I have no Mouth

I have no Mouth
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