The End: Komplettlösung I have no Mouth

The End

There's a lot to do here and I've heard there is a possibility to finish the game using other characters than Nimdok, and for a sure there are at least three possible solutions, but I'll tell you only the shortest one. Choose Nimdok, start the computer and enter 1945. Turn the bridge on. Cross the bridge and use the Summoning. Talk to the demon, don't let him use the Enthropy, just the next metaphor. Talk to Chinese and Russian computers. Go to your Ego and wake it up. Talk to it and as soon as you get the option to walk away, do it. Use the Compassion on the Ego (I'm not sure about this, but in general you have to meet Ego, Id and Superego and use things like Clarity and stuff on them to destroy them). Go back to the demons, talk a bit and use the Enthropy.


I have no mouth, but I do not have to scream anymore.

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I have no Mouth

I have no Mouth
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