Komplettlösung Hell

Anyone played this game knows there are more than one ways to arrive at the ending. The one I present here is only one of the many possibilities. Althrough I spent a lot of time to make the story line as linear and logic as possible, readers might still find it rather dis-orienated. Remember, examine each and every item you pick up. At some point, game progress relie on this. As in my previous creations, I had excluded un-necessary informations. So if you come across one during game play, feel free to explore on your own. Also, each character in your party carries his/her own inventory. Make sure you examine them. Be prepare to spend hours if you want to play this one from square one.

Union Station - Dante's Apartment

Talk to Dante, then take the spare key from the computer table.


Georgetown - Captain Jersey's Kitchen

Take the Scrub List on the table and talk to Jersey. Go through all the questions and listen to all the informations.


Foggy Bottom - Entrance To Interface

Talk to Karl (the man behind the door) and note the writtings on the sign. By combining the 1st letter of each word, you'll have to password. When being asked for the password, enter SESAME. Then go through the manhole to enter Interface. Now you are inside Interface, to your far right is the exit and the door to the left lead to Mr. Beautiful's Office. For now, talk to the people here.

You can skip the bartender since he got no informations you can use. Talk to Scub Stevens (the one who sits in the bar) and recruit him into your party. Then talk to Mindrunner (the one next to Stevens). After that, talk to Sophia Bene (the girl sitting at the far side) and recruit her. Now, talk to Kween Chaos (the one sitting on the staircase) and note what he said. Enter Mr. Beautiful's Office and talk to Abonides (the little status). When being ask the password, enter CONDEMNATION. At this point, you'll go through a lengthy movie section, feel free to fast forward it. When Mr. Beautiful offers you a job, accept it. When you arrive at Hell, take everything that's in your sight. You can skip talking to the POW for they process no informations. Go to the next room and talk to the demon Sanguinarius.

The Mall - Voice Of God Radio

Talk to Nick Cannon. He won't tell you much now, but knowing he's an audio expert will help you solve one of the puzzles later.


Judiciary Square - Phreakbeats Hangout

You'll notice you can take the fire extinguisher but since it serve no purpose in the entire game, I suggest you leave it alone. Talk to the two people there.


Union Station - Oscar Drexler's Apartment

Talk to Oscar Drexler.


McPherson Square - Gang Alley

This is the Gang Alley. To your left is the Clean Club House and to your right is Deadly 7 Club House. Upon arrival, you'll hold a conversation with Chistopher Modesta automatically. Talk to the other people here and note any information you can find. Go inside Clean Club House and talk to Gracie Lovell.


Gallery Place/Chinatown - Pap Pap John's Comix Shop

Talk to Anna Mae and learn about her problem, then activate the computer. You'll need a pasword to shut down Locust, pay attention to the 2nd last alphabet of each word. Press enter to clear the screen and enter the password IMPERATOR. Tell Anna you solved her little problem and she'll give you the comic.


McPherson Square - Gang Alley

Go inside the Clean Club House. On the lower right of your screen you will see an exit, go there to enter the Clean Meeting Room. Talk to Temprance Lector (the one on the right) and Phrachie (on the left). When Phrachie ask you whether she should run a RAP or not, answer YES. Go back to the Club House and deliver the news to Gracie. After that, proceed to the Deadly Club House.

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