Komplettlösung Hell

Talk to Electric Sex - she who lies on the couch, twice then go into the Deadly Meeting Room. Talk to Barbara Bacchus and Languo. Feel free to go thro the door in front of you, that's Dolph Van Ittey's room - althrough you won't have anything to do here at the moment.


McPherson Square - Cybershop

Pick up the copper tubings on the floor and talk to Dr. Clean. Accept her picklock implant offer.


Gallery Place/Chinatown - Aldous Xenon's Loft

Talk to Aldous Xenon and get the homing device.


The Pentagon - Pentagon Garage Office

Have Sophia Bene forge you a level-4 pass (select Forger Skill in Sophia's inventory and right click it on the pass template).

Talk to the guard by the door and offer him your security pass. Go inside the garage and take the mechanic's creeper. Examine the lunch box lying next to the car and note the name. Go back into the office and talk to the Dispatcher. During conversation, tell him to page JO BOYLE for you. Now, go back in the garage and plant the homing device in car.


Gallery Place/Chinatown - Aldous Xenon's Loft

Talk to Aldous Xenon.


Dupont Circle - British Embassy

You'll see two doorways here, to your right is the control center and the left one leads to Senator Burr's Office. Talk to Derek Literati, who is reading a report by the door. Talk to Senator Burr.


The Pentagon - Pentagon Reception Area

Talk to the receptionist and have she direct you to GEN. MANGINI'S PENTAGON OFFICE. Use the lockpick implant to unlock the large metal door and stand onto the automatic walkway, then enter the entrance - note that you access different parts of Pentagon in the same manner. Talk to Sanguinarius and accept the trip to Hell. After you arrive in Hell, use the hell blade on Krystal Getty (the hostage).


Federal Triangle - Trangressions Entrance

Unlock door with lockpick implant and enter Jean Saint Mouchoir's office. Take the pencil next to the computer and use it on the notepad.

Activate computer by entering access code GOD'S JUSTICE. Informations inside this computer is locked by password. At this point, you still can't access a few of those areas. At an later stage, you'll come back here and learn about them. For the time being, the areas you can access are:


Demons - Unholy Trinity

Pazuzu and Asmodeus

Mr. Beautiful

Dean Sterling

Citizens Freedom Front - Senator Erin Burr (code: FOGGY BOTTOM) CFF

CFF History

Government Operations - Night Of The Titans (code: HELL PIT)

Randal Singh

Townson Elders

Brett Carew

Eddy Commerce

Artificial Reality Containment

Gideon Eshanti + Rachel Braque

Fringe Operations - Gneo-Gnostics (code: DEAN STERLING)

Psionic League

Eschatology Incorporated


Solene Solux

Acti-Deck - Acti-Deck

Parallex Code

Capitol South - Gnostic's Office

Talk to Professor Coronary and go to the next room to talk to Wickersham Dodge and Daniel.


Georgetown - Psionic League Headquarters

Go inside the door in front of you and talk to Suzy Toast.


Watergate - Eschatology, Inc. Offices

Talk to Hercule Rue Des Couers and Christy Abraxis.


Arlington - Recurrection Unlimited

Talk to the technician there and go through the door. Here you'll face a stupid arcade sequence. By use the mechanic's creeper, your objective is to reach the other end of the corridor by avoiding those security beams. It's not a easy job, so make sure you save your game before you try. Also, be prepare to spend a lot of time on this one. If you manage to get through, examine those recurrection untis. You'll find a body with a latin phase on his chest.


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