Komplettlösung Hell

Federal Center SW - New Corporeal Biologics

There are lot's of stuffs here, but you'll only need the electro magnet, the large beaker and the small beaker. After you got theses items, use the Rig Skill on the copper tubings and you'll got your own still. Talk to Brewer for informations.


Capitol South - Menial's World Headquarters

Take a bottle of beer from the refrigator and use the dream powder in Stevens' inventory on it. Talk to Mick for information, then return the beer to the refrigator. Wait a few seconds and Mick will fall asleep. Take the collector unit.


McPherson Square - Gang Alley

Go to Deadly 7 Meeting Room and give the still to Languo. Ask him for informations you need. Go back to the Deadly 7 Club House and talk to Electric Sex, then give her the key to Dante's apartment. Note the word she tells you. Go into Dolph Van Ittey's room and activate his computer.

The access code is BLOODNET. Read through all his personal files. Go back to the alley and tell Christopher about Dolph's idenity, then talk to Chastity Bene.


Georgetown - Psionic League Headquarter

Deliver the collector unit to Suzy Toast and she'll moderify it for you.


Foggy Bottom - Asylum Waiting Area

Talk to the two people here and note any informations you can find, then go to the next room. Talk to the two groups if you like, your mission is to use the collector unit to fry them.


L'Enfant Plaza - Fitzgerald's Speakeasy

Take a bottle of beer from the bar, then talk to Milwaukee Jack - he is sitting by his own in the corner. Then talk to Splits Magnola who is sitting by the bar.

When asked to create a diversion, throw the bottle of beer to the TV above the bar. Talk to Splits again to recruit him, dismiss Scub Stevens.


Georgetown - Psionic League Headquarters

Talk to Suzy Toast.


Farragut North - Dean Sterling's Office

Talk to Dean Sterling.


Union Station - Asmodeus' Porn Studio

Talk to Grinda Dove (the girl sitting on the desk), Rutterkind (the small demon at Dove's feet) and Asmodeus. After you arrive at the setting, talk to Asmodeus again. After you are back to reality, talk to Dean Sterling and take the Psychopomp unit on the floor.


Union Station - Dante's Apartment

Talk to Dante. Use psychopomp unit on yourself and enter address: GARAGE. Talk to Deepthroat.


L'Enfant Plaza - The Collector's Room

Use electro magnet on the parchment located at the corner of the room.


Capitol South - Gnostic's Office

Talk to Professor Coronary, then go to the next room and talk to Daniel. Take that piece of note on the computer and examine it. The information on that note is critical. Go back and talk to Coronary again, note the word Gesticulate.


Dupont Circle - British Embassy

Go to the control room and talk to Senator Burr and her assistance Katerina Goertz. Use the psychopomp on yourself and enter address CHARON. Talk to the ferryman when you arrive.


Beautiful's Hostage

Hellpit Take the steel cover and the beer mug on table. Use the mug on the acid pool.


The Hell Zoo

Take the staff, jar of food, floating beast, bucket of Styx water and zoo key. Talk to both characters. Use the jar of food on Machalus follow by using the key on the animal cage (NOT the one holding those floating beast).


The Wall Of Flame Hellpit

Talk to Prudence Alala, then put the steel cover onto the vent shaft - the hole with steam blowing up. Stand onto the cover and wait.


The Hell Ice Field

Use the floating beast on yourself to go near the ice block. Use the bucket of Styx water on the ice block.


The Hell Music Room

Talk to Alice Trenton to learn clue on this one. By right clicking on a white square, you can learn what note will it emit. To free Alice, you'll need to find all silent letters in the verse:


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