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The Hell Schoolroom

Talk to Randal Singh and Mr. Maledictum. Puzzle: To solve this, you'll first need to establish a base letter. Any +ve number means counting towards Z, -ve numbers means counting the other way. For example, in question 1 the codes are: 1 +1 +15 +9 +11 +5 +10 +1 +15 +5 +11 +19 - 3. By choosing D as you base which correspond to 1 , the codes translate into Des Moines Iowa . The other answers are Little Rock Arkansas and Helena Montana .


Mephisto's Throne Room

Talk to Mephisto and fight him. Take his hand after you defeated him.


Beelzebub's Throne Room

Use the bucket of tar on the floor then fight him. Take his wing after you defeated him.


Belial's Throne Room

Use explosive charge on the floor (near the glowing section), fight him and take his medal after you defeated him.


Cerberus's Lair

Go through the doorway in front of you. When you arrive, wait for the demon to leave and take the brush on the floor. Use it on Satan's Gate to paint the words GOD IS DEAD. Enter and kill Satan. Go back to reality and talk to Katerina Goertz and Senator Burr to learn about their progress. Use psychopomp on Rachel and enter the address SPAWNER.


The Pentagon - Pentagon Reception Area

You'll arrive here automatically after you completed the above section. Have the receptionist direct you to The Pneumatic Delivery Room. After you arrive, take one of the pneumation tubes on the floor and put a gas bomb inside. Talk to Jate then give your bomb-tube to her.

Enter address MIRACULUM SEPULCRUM. Exit back to reception area and have the receptionist direct you to Pentagon Chapel. When you arrive, take the taper on the floor and light candles #6, 3, 1, 4, 7, 2, 5, 10, 8, 9 (counting from the left). After you defeated Solene Solux, enter the hole where Solux appears. Use the Hell bug disk on Hell computer.


Additional Information

I know I'll receive truck-load of e-mail if I exclude the gambling sequence, so here it is. Find some time to talk to Laura Prophet in Deadly 7 Club House AFTER you got some cash and she'll tell you where the racetrack results room is. Wait until you got the notes from Maissmo Eddy, examine the one painted with colors and note which color is P , which is S and which is T . Check the betting machine in racetrack results room. If you see the Solux Stake is on, bet all your money. Otherwise, don't bother. To select the horse that will WIN, choose the one with a symbol containing 2 of the 3 P colors. To choose the PLACE horse, choose the one with a symbol containing 2 of the 3 S colors. To choose the SHOW horse, choose the one with a symbol containing 2 of the 6 T colors.

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