Day 2 Morning: Komplettlösung Harvester

Edna's diner: Shows the copies to Boyle. In return, he'll give you the free jail ticket (hey, it's some kind of monopoly of what!).


The Lodge: Give the application to the guard. After this, you'll take a rest in your house. That's the end of Day 1. Brrrr, this town's peoples are very weird.


Day 2 Morning

Goals: Receive first assignment.

Get the newspaper. Go out. Give the paper to Jimmy. Talk to him. Give him the sneakers. In return he'll give you the school's broom closet and some tips about the principal's affair. Go to school. Use the key to unlock the broom closet. Use the camera on the storage cabinet to blackmail the principal. Accept the offering and received the bat. Go to post office. Use the jar of Oralube on the manhole key. End of the morning.

Day 2 Night

Goals: Make a scratch on Johnson's car.

Go to the cemetary. Watch Pottsman digging something. Hmm, strange. Talk to him and notice his nervousness. Get the matches lying on the ground. Go to the Johnson's resident. Use the manhole key to open the manhole cover. Then enter. Use shovel on the corroded wall on the right side. Enter the hole. Go right until you arrive in Johnson's garage. Get the dolly and the fork. Operate the working bench. Get the Phillips screwdriver. Use it on car. Go back out. Report this to the lodge. End of night.

Day 3 Morning

Goals: Save Karin and find tools for breaking in the fire station.

Go to Johnson. Hear news about Karin being kidnapped. Go to Edna's. Ask her about it. Then go to police station. Ask Dwayne about it. Go ask Pottsdam about it. He gives you an alibi. I know this dirty old man is tricky. Tell Stephanie about the scratching ( actually it's not important wether you tell Stephanie or lie about your activities in stealing things ). Go to the cemetary. Go right twice. Operate the picnic bench. Use shovel to dig the grave under it. Hey, that's Karin. Talk to her. She'll explain about Mr. Pottsman. Bring her to her mom. Receive the reward money. Ask Pottsman about it. He'll keep denying it.

Go to the school. Break the fire alarm. It should attract the fireman's attraction. Go to the fire station. Get the fireaxe and the ladder from the garage. Go back to your house. Use the dolly with the shelves. Hey, it's an alarm button. Turn off the alarm. Go out. Use the phillips screwdriver with the security bar at the window. Enter the room. Talk to your father. He'll sign up the meat slip. Go to meat plant. Give the meat slip to Pat, the butcher. He'll give you a meat. Go out. It should end the morning.

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