Day 6: Komplettlösung Harvester

Day 6

Goals: Get into the Lodge.

Get the paper and give it to the boy outside the house. Yup, another delivery service. Visit the TV station. Talk to Range Ryder. Hey he looks like Fred Krueger, Nightmare in Harvester? Go to Edna's diner. Enter. Watch the sad scene about Edna's suicide and she killed her own daughter. What a tragic family! Go to Pottsdam residence. If you want, just make love with Stephanie. Talk about the fire at Edna's. This time lie to her to make her happy. Go back to your house. Talk to your mother about the fire. Then, watch the sickest and most disgusting scene in the game. Your mother poke the eye of the baby, YUCK!

How can she does that kind of thing? Anyway, she'll inform you to go to see Stephanie. Something is happening to her. Go there. Climb up. Talk to Mr. Pottsdam. Watch Stephanie becoming a skeleton. And that sherrif keeps eating the pie? This town's peoples is really sick! Get the Lodge invitation on the bed. Go to the Lodge. Show the invitation. Unfortunately it isn't enough yet. You must steal the skeleton and show it to him. Talk around the town for more info about Stephanie. Then go to cemetary. Use ladder on the crypt. Break the glass with axe. Climb down. Kill the wolf. Open the casket. Get the spine inside. Give ot to th Brother in Arms at the Lodge. Now, enter the Lodge. Prepare to die mister!

Lodge Level 1

Goals: Find a way to level 2 (there are 2 ways you can use).

Talk to Valvet. Then go out through the trapdoor. You slides down to the slimy tunnel. Kill all the creatures insight. Then slide into the room with many eyeballs on the wall. Pops off the biggest one with your Lodge blade. Then, there's a way to the level one. Hmm, secret door. Enter the main room. First of all, you must find a way to clean your jeans from the acid, or you'll die soon. First, go up to the door. Open it. Kill the wolf. Go right to the bar. Operate the liquor shelves. Drink the strong beer on the top shelves. Now, quickly kill your image. Get the bar key. Use it to unlock the cash register on the bar.

Get the 200 dollars bill and the 5 dollars bill. Go to the left door back to dining room. Go left to the kitchen. Get sandwich, the torso and the leg that scattered around. Talk to the cheff. Kill him to get his cleaver if you want. But it's not a good weapon. Head back down to the main room. Go left to the laundry room. Pay the servant with 5 dollars bill to clean your clothes from Acid (If you fight carefully before, you shouldn't have an acid on your clothes). Kill him to get his shotgun. Woww this game is full of blood! Get the clothes that hangin' on the rack. Put it on the peg, second from the left. It should trigger the secret compartment. Enter. Get the schyte and the bullets. That's a good weapon. Go out.

Operate the light switch. It should unlock the door on the left. Enter it. Kill the creature (use your schyte for easy killing). Get the baseball bat and the billiard stick. Eat the candy to gain your health back. Enter the left door. Throw the torso to the bubble on the pond. Quickly cross the bridge to the locker room. Get the weed's killer on the locker. Go back to the bridge. This time throw the legs to the bubbles. Go back to main room. Head back into the bar. Now take the right door. Use the weed's killer on the plant. That should kill that disgusting thing. Open the fountain gate. Operate the fountain. Pick up the fountain key. Can you see it? It's near your right shoulder (the small thing). Then use it in the hole on the right column. It should open the door. Enter. Kill the gigantic creature. Then climb the rope.

P.S. You can go to the level 2 through the fireplace behind the right door at the main room. Just distinguish the fire with water. Then climb up.

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