Lodge Level 2: Komplettlösung Harvester

Lodge Level 2

Goals: Gain access to level 3.

Talk to the art collector. Kill all the living statue (use your schyte). One of them should drop a key. Use it to unlock the door nearby. Enter. First go to the left door into the library. Talk to the librarian. She'll help you if you give her the book from Mc Cain. Go to the right. Follow the right track until you find a door at the edge. Open it. Kill Mc Cain, the big guy. Retrieved the book. Give it to the librarian. She'll give you a clue about the chessmaster's key. Now go right, then up.

Open the left door. Operate the right column for a weapon. Get the snail. Go out, then open the north door. Talk to the level 2 Director. He'll give you a clue about kewpie doll. Is this some kind of festival or what? What the heck, just find the kewpie doll . Follow the path to the right. Find a door between two ashtrays. Operate the ashtray to get some bullets. Open the door. Talk to the chessmaster. Beat him in the game of chess. Follow this order:

3 .
5 .
6 . . x
8 x

Xd6 move to b7

Xb8 move to a8

Xb7 move to c5

That's should do it. And the axe split the chessmaster's head. Ugggh gross! Get the chessmaster key. Go out. To the left. Left again. Open the door. Go down. Use your shotgun to kill the janitor. Retrieved his nailgun. Go right. Unlock the door using the chessmaster's key. Enter. Kill the clown and retrieved the kewpie doll and the kewpie key. Hmm, cute. Go back to the director room. Show him the kewpie doll. He'll tell you to find your girl at the Chapel of Love in level 3. Go out. Now follow the path until you find double doors. Use kewpie key to unlock it. Enter. Get the 2 flags. Enter the gap at the curtain. Collect 3 wooden plank in that big room. Get the sandwich too. Eat it if you're injured very bad. Open the door.

Kill the skeleton. Get the lighter near the sofa. Go out. Operate the mask on the wall. Move the happy mask 4 times to the right, and the sad masks 7 times to the right (I guess 7 is his lucky number isn't it). This will open the secret door. Enter. Now it's a scene with limited time. You must hurry or you'll be fried. OK, let's see. A broken pipe has released the steam out. Collect the 3 pipes that scattered around. Then get the wrench. Turn the valve near the broken pipe.

Release the broken pipe using the wrench. Combine the 3 pipes in your inventory to make an S-pipe. Use it with the shortcut pipe to release the steam up. That should open the boiler and voila there's a key inside. Use it to unlock the door to the left. Enter. Use the planks with the lava then quickly cross the handmade bridge. Use the two flag with the cement pedestal. It should trigger the escape door when the ceiling reach the flag. Then climb the rope to level 3.

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