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After viewing or at least listening to what happened to you (you were falsely found guilty and hung high for the murder of your daughter), you wake up looking at Dr. Frankenstein who gives you a shot of morphine (he also takes one to celebrate your rebirth). You find out that you still live but you now have a ladies' left arm. You get up and look around the lab. There are several things to see around this floor. For instance, you can look at the blackboard, activate some electrical machines, look at a periodic table (chemical elements), you can climb to the tower's roof (you do not need to activate anything yet), you can open a dumb-waiter and look inside the shaft, you can push aside a cabinet to find a closed grate, you can read a newspaper telling about your verdict and hanging, you can look at a lifestone and some notes.

Take the lifestone and turn right (Dr. Frankenstein will not let you out of the laboratory with this crystal). Put it on the table. Take the cloth and put it beside the lifestone. Take four strands of rope and put them on both the cloth and crystal. Now you have a parachute that you can throw by the window. Notice that it will go over the wall. You will need to retrieve it later. If you climb the ladder leading to the roof, take note of the plaque and the pattern of planets. This is plaque no. 2 and it is associated with winds. Take careful note of this pattern because you will need it later on.

Exploring the tower's floors

You may have notice a trap door in the floor. Go down the lower level. Go in the back and look at the large Tesla coil. It is supposed to store energy. Notice the lever just below this coil. It is already in the ON position. You will need to pull it down later on at the endgame on. You will eventually find a note telling about this information. Another note will explain the ON and OFF position. Open the door besides the stairs. You will find yourself on a large balcony. Go toward the cannon balls. Take one and put it in the steel basket. Pull on the rope. The cannonball should fall on the left upper gangway and roll out to the left knocking the moose head trophy.

Secret passage no. 1

Now pick the rope and turn right. Place it in the wall opening. Now go through this opening and go down. You will see a broken grate. Go through it, turn right, go down once and turn left twice. You will find yourself in a small room with a corpse and a desk. Read the notes. This desk will serve for a forthcoming experiment later on, so keep in mind its emplacement. Now turn left twice and go down and turn right. Activate the pulley. The wheels will broke loose, so put them back in place and try again to open the hidden door to the castle great hall. There is a lot to explore after that. However, few doors open to let you in.

Castle exploration

Go directly in front of you toward the double doors. These lead to the dining room. Dr. Frankenstein will speak for a moment and will leave. Go toward the fireplace and take the bag. Click on the bag to see ist content. Read the notes. Go back toward the table and take the turkey leg. Put it in the bag. You may explore all three floors but only three doors will let you in. Exiting to left of the fireplace, go right and then left and enter the door to the right. You will be in some kind of kitchen. Read the note found there. Again Dr. Frankenstein will come to speak with you. This time he will be less friendly.

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