First experiment with lifestone: Komplettlösung Frankenstein

No other door opens on this floor except for the ones leading outside (we will come back later for these). Climb up one of the two stairways in the main hall. Only one door opens toward a burnt room. Look at the plaque on the fireplace. This is plaque no. 1 and it is associated with fire. Be careful to write down the exact position of all seven planets on this plaque. You will need this pattern later on. You will find stairs going up to the third floor. Turn right, forward, right and left and enter. This is the observatory room. You will find new notes. Read them. Nothing can be done yet in this room. Go back down to the great hall and open the door to outside. Go outside and turn left, go forward and right.

The rope lying on the floor will come handy later. Look on the plaque at the bottom of the tree. This is plaque no. 4 and it is associated with height. Take note of the pattern of planets. Go left toward the tower near the courtyard doors. You will be able to climb the wall. You will retrieve the lifestone if you always choose the left path. Climb down and go toward the courtyard doors. Turn around toward the castle and look at the plaque. This is number 3 and it is associated with water. Go back inside the castle and into the secret passage behind the tapestry. Drop the turkey leg and lifestone on the desk. Climb up again, exit the grate, climb up toward the balcony and get inside the tower. Now take the wooden plank beside the stairway leading up.

Turn right and go down. Place the plank on the missing stairs and go down. Dr. Frankenstein will come visit again. Look around and go toward the corner desk. Take the battery (glowing green box) and the rope-wire hanging on the wall. Connect all three wires in turn and pull the levers. One will make the cat head groan. One will make the human head say some word. A third will contract the arm and the last will turn off the freezer. This will help you go through the door beside this table. Turn around and look at the desk in the middle of the room. Open the drawer and take the key. Use the key on either doors. The right one leads to your bedroom. There is a secret passage in the cabinet.

The left one leads to an anteroom where you will find more notes and a crowbar. Take them all. There is a locked door in this room. You will eventually find a note in the mines that will explain how to unlock it.

First experiment with lifestone

Go through the first secret passage to reach the hidden small room (the one with the corpse). Place the battery on the desk. Attach both wires of the battery to the lifestone. This will recharge the crystal. The turkey leg needs to be also on the desk. It will seem that the experiment failed, so you will eat the turkey leg. You will then black out to wake up looking at live vomit (the experiment did worked). Take the grappling hook. Get back to your bedroom and explore the hidden passageway. Map it carefully, because it is difficult to find its way when in a hurry.

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