Secret passage no. 2: Komplettlösung Frankenstein

Secret passage no. 2

When you enter the secret passage in you bedroom, you will face a grate. Looking through it you will be able to see the anteroom. If you go to the left of the secret door you will find a place to look in your bedroom. Now, if you go right of the secret door, you will come to a fork. Going right leads to a ladder. This ladder goes up to the Tesla coil level (you can only peek at this room) or further up to the room where you have awaken. You will be able to open the grate and move the cabinet in order to free the passage. Now you have a way to get from or to this floor level. If you take left at the fork, you will encounter another fork.

Going right leads to a grate where you can look at the observatory. Going left leads to a ladder. Go down the ladder. You will encounter another fork. The right passage leads to a fireplace (you will be able to go there later on). the front passage leads to another ladder going down. To reach it, you need the crowbar to remove the planks blocking your way. Take the next ladder. Turn right and pull the lever. You now have another passage leading to the great hall. If you decide to go further on in the secret passage, you will be blocked by hot steam coming out from a defective pipe (you will correct that later on).

New rooms to explore

Go outside the castle and head toward the tree where the loose rope lies on the ground. Use the grappling hook with the rope lying on the floor. Take the hooked rope. Go up the tree. Use the grappling hook on the window. Enter the window. Look around and read the notes lying on the table. Push the small table lying beside the entrance and put it in front of the exit door. Go forward and both axes will fall down on the table. Now look at the aquarium. Remove the piece of wood. The aquarium will move under the chandelier. Look at the fireplace and unwind the rope wheel. The chandelier will come down on the aquarium and smash it.

This will extinguish the fire. The way to the secret passage no. 2 is now open. Go to the exit door. Go forward, turn left then right and go through the door in front of you.


Take the staff on the armorial bearings. Use it on the sliding ladder. Go down and look around. Read and take all the notes you find. Go in the back of the library and look at the scale. Take the weight and place it in the right tray. A hidden door will open. Go through it and you will come near the defective plumbing. Turn off the wheel. This open the way to secret passage no. 2. Go back to the library and exit the door in front of you (the one in the back of the reading room). This door leads to the first floor of the castle. Now go to the great hall and Dr. Frankenstein will catch you. He will bring you back to the library and push you down in the dungeon where he will cuff you and scourge you.

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