Escape from the dungeon: Komplettlösung Frankenstein

Escape from the dungeon

After he is gone, someone will drop a key from the grate. Remove your left hand from the cuff (remember that you have a lady's left arm, which is smaller than your right arm). Use the key on the right cuff. Head back toward the stairs and turn right toward the grate. Remove the grate and go through secret passage no. 3. You will come to a room with two exits. The right one connects to the first floor in secret passage no. 2. The front hole leads to yet another room. The right hole brings you to a ladder heading toward the garden. The left one leads toward the hedge maze (hint: you could already know the layout of this maze just by looking at it from the entrance doors to the castle;

I was able to map it before entering it). I will not give you the indication to navigate this maze. However, you will need to gather some objects in this maze. Look for a skull and take the black beetle. Find the carnivorous plants and place the beetle in the right one. After the right plant took the beetle, the left one will open its mouth. Take the corroded scissors. Finally, you will need to find the entrance way to yet another secret passage (no. 4). Use the scissors on the vines to get access to the hatch.

Planetarium room

Go down and pull the leftside lever. You will hear a opening sound. Go forward and climb the ladder. You will be now in the planetarium room with four doors numbered 1 to 4 (remember the plaques). Go toward the orbital machine. Dependently of the door you want to open, you will need to open one of the four lower little doors. Opening them will show a number (the plaque number). The upper door reveal four patterns. If you want to open door no. 1, you will need to open the leftmost upper little door and the leftmost lower little door. After that, turn the wheel until the pattern of planets fits with the pattern on the plaque.

When this is done, pull the lever. If you hear a sound, you will have succeeded. If not, you will have to try again. Door one leads toward the mine. Door two leads to a collapsed tunnel (for now). Door three leads to the melting chamber and door four leads to the mausoleum. For now, you may look at the mausoleum to gather notes and read them. You should also open door 3. This door leads to the wine cellar maze. From the entrance of this maze, follow these directions: forward, forward, forward, right, forward, left, forward, right, forward, left, forward, right. You will eventually come to a small room leading to the melting chamber. Look around. Pull the lever to open the steel doors leading to the mine.

Go in the back and go toward the coil. Turn the switch on. Go toward the right stairway and search the room (more notes to read). For now, head back to the planetarium room. The next step will be the mines. Also, if you head back to the hedge maze, you will find a newly created passage leading out directly toward the entrance doors of the castle. You should let door 1 open when you leave the planetarium room. This will save you a lot of walking around when going through the mines.

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