The mines: Komplettlösung Frankenstein

The mines

There is two entrances to the mines (at this stage). The first one is through the planetarium room. The other one is in the garden. Start near the exit doors to the courtyard near plaque no. 3 and go toward the left side of the water basin (between the garden and the hedge maze). Push the gargoyle and a pedestal will emerge from the water. Step on it and the entrance to secret passage no. 5 will open (it also leads to the mines). Go ahead until you find the secret dock. Take the diving suit and speargun, and activate the air pumping machine. Turn right and go down in water. Look around and read the note and look at the treasure chest (you cannot take any of them with you). Turn around and kill the squid with the speargun.

Climb the ladder. Shut out the pump and go back in the tunnel. Take the right tunnel. It leads to the mines. It is important to turn around in all directions in the mines to find all passages. Go forward until you encounter a left passage. Go in and turn around. You will find three passages. You entered from the left. The middle one leads to a conveyor. Remember its location. You will have to come back to activate it later on. Two more of these are to be found in the mines and another one is in the ore processing room (this one needs to be activated first). Turn around and go forward. You will encounter a left passage leading to a waterwheel and chained doors. We will come back later for this one. If you continue to the end of this corridor, you will eventually face a closed door (it is door no. 1 from the planetarium room).

Turn right and follow the side corridor to the end (you will find another conveyor). Step back to the planetarium room door no. 1. Head back toward the side corridor leading to the waterwheel. Before getting there, you will encounter a three door fork. The center one leads to a conveyor (Come back later on to activate it). The left one leads to a trap door you cannot yet enter. The right one is the main corridor. Now at the waterwheel location, turn the wheel to stop the flow of water. Take the chain and attach it to the waterwheel. Turn on the water and the doors will be torned away. Before entering the tunnel ahead, pull the switch to the right. You may also encounter a monster hand creeping on the floor. Do not throw a rock at it because it is friendly.

This monster hand will also help save Sara further on in this game. You can follow it outside the mine toward the secret dock. It will be back later on in this game.

Ore processing plant

You will come to a corridor with rails leading to the left and to the right. For now, take the left tunnel until you come to a steel door. Pull the lever. If it does not work, the entrance switch is probably off. When the steel door is open, climb the ladder and step in the ore processing plant. Look around. Activate the conveyor in the back of this cavern. Go back and activate all three conveyors found in the mines. These conveyors can only be activated after you forced the door with the waterwheel and after the switch near this waterwheel has been turned on. When all four conveyors have been turned on, rocks will begin to be carried toward the ore processing plant.

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