Melting chamber: Komplettlösung Frankenstein

Turn right and push the black button on the machine. Head toward the control panel and pull the left switch to activate the crushing machine. Use the black and red buttons to crush the ore with the left or right crusher. You need to crush each boulder two times. If the processing plant shut off, pull the lever and restart the machine from the beginning. After enough ore has been produced, you will hear a signal. Get down the ladder and follow the rail until you find a control panel on your left. Continue down the tunnel and you will encounter two forks. At the first one, the left rail leads to the melting chamber (the steel doors should be open if you went through door no. 4 in the planetarium room).

At the next fork, pull the lever to direct the rails toward the left passage. Go back to the first of these fork and look at the control panel. Pull the left switch and a wagon full of ore will come from the right. Head toward the second fork and go in the left tunnel. You will come into a room with closed doors in the ceiling. Attach the chain to the wagon and head back to the control panel. Flip both switch up and down again and the wagon will retreat to the right tearing off the ceiling door. Pull the lever at the side of the control panel. Flip the left switch back up. The wagon will go into the melting chamber. Go to the melting chamber.

Melting chamber

Go toward the left stairway and you will come facing another control panel. This panel has different controls and switches. The upper two switches control the claw power (left one) while the right is the electric switch. On the left side, is the vertical claw control. In the upper middle lies the horizontal claw control. Just below it, you will see the temperature gauge (left side) and temperature control lever (right side). At the bottom of the control panel, you will find the voltage control (left) and the voltage meter (right). It took me several tries but the following actions worked out: Switch claw power on.

Pull horizontal claw control to the right. Pull vertical claw control down (the claw will gather the ore) and up again (ore will be lifted). Pull the horizontal claw control to the left and pull down the vertical claw control down (The ore will be put in the melting machine). Pull it back up. Increase temperature to the maximum with the temperature control lever. Use voltage control to increase voltage to 80. Pull the electric switch on (the angle of the claw will be raised). Pull down the vertical control claw, and up again (now you see a glowing white mass in the claw). Pull the horizontal claw control to the right (the claw will put the white crystal in the wagon). Head back to the control panel in the mine.

Pull both switches down to let the wagon go to the right. Pull the left lever to redirect the rail toward the second fork. Pull both switches up and then pull the left switch down. The wagon will head toward the room with the ceiling doors.

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