Mixing room: Komplettlösung Frankenstein

Mixing room

Go to the room with the ceiling doors. Note there are now open. Climb up the ladder. Go toward the control panel in the far corner of the mixing room. There are several controls on this panel. If nothing works, go to the melting chamber and pull the switch at the base of the coil. The electric switch in on the upper left corner. The claw control is in the upper right corner. The claw to the crystal maker in on the lower right side. The voltage meter is in the middle. The voltage control is in the lower center of the panel. The spin control clutch is to the right side of the control panel. Now, pull the claw control to the rightmost position (the claw will get the white crystal from the wagon).

Pull this lever to the leftmost position (the claw will put the crystal in the mixing tub). Go to this mixing apparatus. Turn the left wheel to pour H20 (water) in the mixing tub. Turn the right wheel to pour HNO3 (nitric acid) in the tub. Pull the switch to start the mixing process. Pull the bottom switch to fill the container. Head back to the control panel. Pull the claw control to the left and then down. Pull down the crystal maker claw. Activate the electric switch. Set voltage to 80 volts. Activate the spin control clutch. You have created a large lifestone. Use the controls to direct the claw to take the crystal and place it in the dumb-waiter. Send the dumb-waiter up by pushing one of the botton on the left side.

Meeting with Dr. Frankenstein

Now is time to talk with Dr. Frankenstein. Go to the tower's first floor. Go through the anteroom. You should now have found the note at the dock (not sure of the exact location where this note is to be found). If you do not have it, then put the first, second and fourth switches (starting from the left) in the up position. Switches no. 3 and 5 should be in down position. This will unlock the door. This will lead to another laboratory room (it looks like a biology lab). turn left twice. Take each brain in turn and place them in the machine to the right. Pull the lever and they will speak the last word they listened before being killed.

Explore the room further to find more notes. Save your game because you can die in the meeting to come. Open the door to the left (it should now be unlocked). Enter the room and look around. There is a door to your right but do not open it yet. Go straigh to Dr. Frankenstein and a discussion will follow. When it is finished, look at the cages to see some disturbing sequences. Turn left and go to the desk. Take the notes in the drawer. Read them. Turn left and Dr. Frankenstein will talk again. Save your game and head for the other door (not the one you entered). You will be forced to face Dr. Frankenstein who will point a gun at you. Turn around and go through the door as fast as possible. You will be OK outside.

Meeting the thugs and run for your life

Go outside near the exit doors to the courtyard. Save your game again. Turn toward the castle. A thug will greet you with a rifle. Another thug will be to your left, so head right toward the castle doors. You will know where to go because a thug will always block your way if its not the right direction. Climb up the left stairs. Go forward, turn left and go straigth forward to the open door. It will close behind you. Turn right to face the mirror. Do it quickly because the thugs will soon brake the door of this room. A girl will appear in the mirror and she will shatter it. Follow the girl to the secret cave (it is not far from the planet room door no. 1).

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