The Observatory: Komplettlösung Frankenstein

You will be safe there. Sara will talk to you several times. Take the cup of water and drink it. She will ask for the bottle on the upper shelf, so push one of the barrel and use the wooden fork to retrieve a bottle. There will be some more talks and then the monster hand will appear. Sara's life depends on what you do next. If you send a rock at it, Sara will eventually be killed. If you wait until the hand goes away, Sara will be safe and it will be the hand who will be killed later on. Sara will now want to see Dr. Frankenstein. Go to the mausoleum (door no. 4 of the planetarium room). Look into the drawer and look at the notes. More talks will follow. There will be an earthquake that will block all the doors except door no. 2 (the tunnel was collapsed before).

Follow Sara in this tunnel. This will bring you to a vast cave with a ladder going up. You may save your game because this is the ladder maze and a monster will try to catch you. The exact route is as follow (I hope it is not random with each game): up, up, take left ladder up, take left ladder up, take right ladder up, take left ladder up, up, up, and up. Take Sara's hand to get her free of the monster. You will be back in the garden.

The Observatory

Go to the secret dock through secret passage no. 5. Look around and you will find a note. Take it and read it. Turn around and you will see a bomb (you cannot deactivate it). Go to the observatory on the third floor of the castle. Go straigth to Dr. Frankenstein. There will be talks between Sara and him. Move around a bit to start new conversations. He will then leave and lock you inside the observatory with Sara. Go back to talk with her. Look into the spyglass to see the thugs forcing your child Gabrielle to follow them to the secret dock. Go back near the door and push the desk under the wall grate. Open the drawer and take the key.

Use it on the locking mechanism of the grate (the one on the wall). The key will fall in the floor's grate. Push back the desk and go retrieve the horseshoe shaped magnet near the spyglass. Use it on the floor's grate to retrieve the key. Push the desk again and use the key to unlock the wall's grate. Sara will climb through the opening and unlock the door to the observatory. What comes next will depend on whether or not you thrown the rock at the monster hand. If you did throw a rock at it, Sara will be murdered on the spot. If you did not throw the rock, it is the hand that will be shooted at. Go directly to the secret dock. You will find Gabrielle lying dead on the floor, killed by the bomb. Take her with you and head to the laboratory on the third floor of the tower.


This is the toughest part of the game. Many gamers, including us, had a hard time finding the exact sequence of actions to finish the game without killing for good Gabrielle. So, Place Gabrielle on the table. Go to the dumb-waiter and retrieve the lifestone. Put it in the holding apparatus above the table. Go to the main control panel. Pull the three left switches to the right position and then the two right switches to the up position. Pull the lever at your left (to raise Gabrielle to the roof top). Climb the ladder and look at the speed gauge. Wait until the speed reaches between 10 and 20 and unroll the rope to let the kite float free.

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