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Throughout this walkthru useless conversation is avoided and useless objects are ignored. Follow the conversations with all characters to get the full story. Beware, save often! You can get killed very easily in this game and without any warning. Even saying the wrong thing, or getting an action out of sequence may get you killed. This walkthru uses the minimum of steps. Directions are orientated towards the screen; North - up, South - down, West - left, and East - right. Throughout the walkthru movement from one scene to another is indicated as a direction to leave the scene (up, down, left, or right) and the location to head for on the map. Examine in the walkthru means look at the object first and then look at the object again when the pop-up window appears. Use and give have different effects, so make sure you use the right verb! The verbs that appear on the screen are used throughout the walkthru.

The Frozen Lands

Places to visit in the Frozen Lands

The Village of Balkhane

The Bridge

The Old House

The Frozen Lake

The Edge of the Forest

The Well

The Crossing

The Path of Sculptures

The Hollow Tree

The Ravine

The Top of the Ravine

The Castle

The game starts in The Village of Balkhane. Talk to the village Elder and say, 'Sounds great. But what am I supposed to do?', then 'Do you have any last minute words of advice?' until you get the medallion. Walk up to The Bridge, cross the stream and walk right to The Old House. When you arrive at The Old House, look at the cellar door. It's on the left of the house, under the porch.

Use the cellar door to open it, then walk into the cellar. Pick up the rope, on the ground to the left of the altar, and the statuette from the altar. Walk back up the staircase to leave the cellar. Use the front door of the house, and a ghost will appear. Use the medallion on the ghost to exorcise it. Use the front door again to open it, then walk into the house. Take the bag of seeds that is to the right of the witch. Leave the house and walk to The Frozen Lake. Look at the chair in the boat, then examine it to awaken Simbeline. Say, 'But who..., what kind of creature are you?' and take the orb. Walk to The Edge of the Forest and give the statuette to the well-dressed gentleman. Walk right to The Path of Sculptures.

Examine the thing sticking out of the ground, it is on the ground in front of the frozen soldiers, then take the rusty shield. Walk up to The Hollow Tree and examine the tree stump that the Drimm is sitting on. Use the lever to open the door in the large tree. Use the bag of seed on the bird, then walk away from the bag. In front of the tree is far enough. When the bird leaves the nest look at it and take the bracelet. Walk left and return to The Edge of the Forest, then give the necklace to the well-dressed gentleman. You will get some gloves in return. Walk right and return to The Hollow Tree again, then walk into the opening in the large tree. Use the gloves, then take a blue fruit. Look at the rightmost dead solider and take the ring.

Don't use the ring on yourself or you will die! Walk out of the tree, then walk up to The Well. Use the rope with the spool above the well, then use the rope again to climb down into the well. Use the orb to create some light. Examine the small pile of dirt, then take the clay tablet. The pile of dirt is on the floor just to the left of the rope. Walk right into the tunnel. Find the tunnel entrance by moving the cursor across the centre of the screen from the right. Examine the second pile of dirt, then take the other part of the clay tablet. The pile of dirt is on the floor in the middle of the screen. Use one piece of tablet with the other to join them together. Walk left back to the bottom of the well, take the orb, then use the rope to climb out of the well.

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Fable (1996)
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