The Land of Mists: Komplettlösung Fable

You can get into the Ogre's cave from the well, but we will go an easier way. Walk left to The Crossing, then walk to the bushy path. This path is through the clump of bushes on the far right side of the scene. In the next scene use the bushes that are on the far right-hand side to hide behind. Wait until the Ogre has left, then walk through the small hole to enter the Ogre's cave. The small hole is located in the rocks just above and to the left of the large boulder the Ogre used to seal the cave. Examine the pillow on the Ogre's bed to discover a key. Use the key on the chest that is located on the far left of the scene. Take one of the flasks of oil and leave the cave by walking through the small hole that you came in by.

The small hole is more obvious inside the cave because you can see a beam of sunlight shining through it. Walk left, back to the forest path, then walk up towards the mountains. When you are accosted by the bandits say, 'I'm off to kill the Ice Giant', then 'Would you settle for some sort of valuable object instead?'. Give the ring to the bandit leader. He will wear the ring and die. Look at the dead bandit leader and take first his knife, then his scarf. Carry on walking up towards the mountains. Walk to The Ravine. When there, use the ancient clay tablet to start an earthquake and open the ravine. Before you go to the castle walk to The Top of the Ravine.

This isn't easy to find, but the path is behind the thin strip of snow on the far right of the scene. Move the cursor over the centre of this strip to find the path. Once at the top of the ravine examine the frozen carcass and take the sulphur stick. Walk back down to The Ravine. The path is on the far right of the scene. Walk up to the castle. Once at the castle, walk across the drawbridge and the Ice Giant will come out to greet you. Use the flask of oil, then the sulphur stick on the Ice Giant to melt him. Walk through the palace gates and into the palace. Once inside the palace use the scarf on the rusty shield to polish it up. Then, just use the shield. This will protect you as you walk through the photon pulses.

Take the emerald, it is on the floor in front of the bird. Finally, give the blue fruit to the bird and you will be transported to The Land of Mists.

The Land of Mists

Places to visit in the Land of Mists

The Wooden Tower

The Swamp Path

The Spider's Platform

The Stairs on Mists

The Ancient City

Walk right towards the swamp path across the small wooden bridge. Say 'See ya later alligator' to get past the lizard guard. Walk right again to The Swamp Path. Look under the small wooden bridge that is in front of you as you enter the scene and take the dead possum. Now walk right, back to the Wooden Tower. Give the dead possum to the lizard guard and he will give you a strange hearing aid in return. Examine the hearing aid to find the wax plugs, then use them to plug your ears.

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