Komplettlösung Fable

Walk right, back to the Swamp Path, then walk up towards the Spider's Platform. As you walk past the swamp Jemima emerges and plays her drum. Because you are wearing the ear plugs you are immune to the hypnotic music. When Jemima disappears take the drum that is floating in the swamp just to your right. Carry on walking up towards the Spider's Platform. Once on the platform walk towards the scattered bones in the centre of the scene. When the spider appears from her den use the strange hearing aid (horn) to drive her away. Now, examine the skeleton with the purple tunic and take the small gold key. Walk back to the Wooden Tower again. When you are back at the Tower, use the hypnotic drum to send the lizard guard to sleep.

Take the guard's spear then examine the guard and take his key. Use the guard's key with the tower door and walk inside the tower. Take the axe from the wall and take the wool blanket from under the cage, then look behind the red curtain and take the book. Use the small gold key with the cage to release Iris the fairy. Say 'You could start by telling me who you are', to get the magic powder. Now, walk out of the tower and up the mountain path towards The Stairs of Mists. Carefully move the cursor over the vases on the platform and take the vase (singular), then walk up towards the Ancient City. Use the magic powder with the vase of water to kill Titan. Then use the axe with the door of the gate-keeper's shack to break down the door.

The door of the shack is the small door on the left of the scene. Then walk inside the shack. Look at the hay that is illuminated by the sun beam. The hay is on the floor to the centre right of the scene. Take the five gold coins and walk out of the shack. Now, look carefully at the paved path leading up to the city gate. In the centre of the path there are three lighter coloured flagstones. Walk on the stones in the following precise order: left-hand stone, lower stone, then upper stone to open the city gate. Walk through the city gate. Use the door that is on the far right-hand side of the scene and walk into the library. Give the book you found in the lizard guard's tower to Izion. You will get the Mecubarz's key and another key.

Each time you acquire a gem use it with the Mecubarz's key to place the gem in the key. Walk out of the library. Look at the town perch that the gargoyle is sitting on and use the key that Izion gave you on the lock. The key is the larger of the two you now have. This will release the gargoyle and allow you to walk around the rest of the city. Use the wooden door to the left of the library and walk inside the small house. Say 'I was just leaving thank you' to the gargoyle. Take the lollipop from the left-hand child. You will have to wait for her to take the lollipop out of her mouth before you can take it. Walk out of the house. Use the door of the temple to open it and then walk inside.

Use the lizard guard's spear with Angor the Snake Demon to kill him. Take the diamond that falls out of the demon's crown. It is on the floor, just below the demon. Look at the bones to the left of the pit and take the gold coins. Walk out of the temple. Walk onto the balloon ship, then talk to the Captain. Say, 'Do you think that this ship is seaworthy?', then 'The Engulfed Fortress might be fun to visit'. The Captain will then tell you the fare that you can't afford and hit the cabin boy. Give the lollipop to the cabin boy and he will change the price in the Captain's book. Now, give the gold coins to the Captain and you will be on your way. Once the ship is on the sea use the cabin door to open it and walk into the Captain's cabin.

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