The Engulfed Fortress: Komplettlösung Fable

Take the parchment from the table and the smelly socks from the bed. The socks aren't obvious, but they are on the bed. Examine the Captain's bed and take the hairpin. Use the hairpin to bend it into shape, then use it on the box. The box is on the floor, between the bed and the chest. Take the magic stone from the box and then walk back out onto the deck. Use the hatch on the deck to open it and walk down the ladder into the hold. Look at the barrel behind the ladder and take a piece of raw steak. Use the fuel tank to open the door. The fuel tank is on the far left of the scene. Use the steak with the gunky fuel to cover it in fuel, now use the gunk steak with the smelly socks. Walk back up to the deck.

Use the stuffed sock with the shark to kill it. The shark is to the left of the ship. Now, use the magic stone to swallow it, then use the parchment to recant the spell. Use the water to jump in and descend to The Engulfed Fortress.

The Engulfed Fortress

Places to visit in the Engulfed Fortress

The Seaweed Forest

The Shell

The Edge of the Abyss

The Coral Path

The Engulfed Fortress

When the seahorses arrive say, 'Is this the Engulfed Fortress?', then 'I really appreciate your concern', then 'I'll take my chances anyway, good-bye'. You have now been given a piece of kelp. Walk to the sandy path to the right of the scene and then walk to The Edge of the Abyss. Ignore the Siren and use the knife on the oyster shell. There are two oysters in the scene, both on the sand at the edge of the abyss. Use the knife on the shell closest to the Siren. Some oysters are empty and some contain pearls. Ignore the empty oyster shells. Take the pearl and walk left back to The Seaweed Forest. Walk up the hidden path.

This path is in the gap in the seaweed to the right of the sandy path, directly above the starfish, and walk to The Coral Path. Use the knife on the shell that is in front of you on the upper path. Take the pearl. Walk to the second bend in the path and use the knife of the right-hand shell of the two. Take the pearl. You should now have three pearls. Walk back up the path and left back to The Seaweed Forest, then walk left again to The Shell. Use the door in the shell house to knock on it. Say 'Could I interest you in some pearls?' when the turtle answers the door. When you are inside the turtle's house give the three pearls to him. You will receive a treasure map in return. Walk left to leave the house, then walk down and back to The Seaweed Forest.

Walk to the large building in the distance and then to The Engulfed Fortress. Give the kelp weed to Leroy the crab and take the shovel. The shovel is to the right of Leroy. Walk down and then back to The Seaweed Forest. Examine the treasure map and notice the position of the treasure; X marks the spot. Use the shovel on the sandy bottom just above the starfish. If you don't get the right spot the first time just move the cursor slightly and try again. Use the bent hairpin with the chest and take King Thut's treasure. Walk up the hidden path and back to The Coral Path. Give King Thut's treasure to Khor and he will flee with the loot. Take Khor's spear and walk into the cave entrance. You are now back in The Land of Mists!

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